How he hosts, toasts, and boasts epic yet understated home decor.

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While Teddy Nkonde might be one of South Africa’s most stylish men to follow on Instagram right now, his home is equally aesthetically pleasing.

Inspired by the monochromatic and minimalistic design elements visible within Scandinavian homes, Teddy has created a simple yet aspirational, comfortable, and warm space ideal for hosting his nearest and dearest. And this is exactly what the digital content creator plans on doing this summer.

He invites us into his home, shares his decor tips with us, and shares the ingredients of his favourite summer drink.

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A taste for simplicity

How would you describe your home style to our community?

Minimalistic with a touch of Scandinavian.

When it comes to your interior design style, would you say you are more experimental, or do you take on a uniform and matching approach to your home?

I love experimenting with abstract decorative accents, I always stick to the same colour palette.

What is the best home decor advice you have ever received?

Mirrors effectively double up your lighting.

Is there anything you are coveting for your home at the moment?

The Samsung Serif 4k TV

Do you switch up some of your decor items as Spring/Summer approaches? Which items?

Yes, I usually change cushion covers and bedding. I prefer washed linen bedding for Spring/Summer - no crazy prints though.

If you could match your home decor with any summer holiday destination, which one would it be? Why?

Santorini. The whitewashed cubiform houses and minimal décor slightly resembles my grey pad.

Aesthetically speaking, what is your favourite space in your city?

Norval Foundation. I love that place.

Norval Foundation

Step into Teddy's abode

What is the one item in your home that defines your style?

My Malick Sedibe canvas print - it is absolutely timeless!


What is the one item that everyone should have in their home?

Egyptian cotton sheets. They're lifechanging.

What do you love about the items you received from Superbalist?

The faux Nguni rug, minimal drawing cushion covers, and abstract vase blend in perfectly with my aesthetics. I don’t like the natural smell of animal hide, so this one works perfectly for me.


5 more minutes with Teddy:

If I host people/someone in my home, I always make sure to serve them...


This summer, I’ll be entertaining at home by...

Braaiing with my mates and hosting Christmas

You can’t host a summer get-together without…


The first thing I do when I get home is…

Switch on my TV

I enjoy sunsets at home by...

Chilling on my balcony while listening to my sunset playlist.

My favourite summer dish is.....

An epic summer salad. I usually freestyle with this one, but dried tomatoes, black beans, and mangoes must be in there.


My favourite place to be barefoot in my home is in the…

The bathroom

My top 5 favourite relaxing songs to play at home are..

  1. Café De Flore – Doctor Rockit
  2. Flowers - Andrew Ashong
  3. Jasmine – Jai Paul
  4. Cherry – Jungle
  5. You give me something – Jamiroquai
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