Here's why your next T-shirt should be a longline

It's a better fit, an essential summer layering piece and will stop this embarrassing style blunder

longline T-shirt

Score another win to the patriarchy. Yep, even getting dressed is easier for guys. Jeans-and-a-T-shirt? You are now dressed. 

However, not all T-shirts are created equal and if you've been wearing the same thing your mother dressed you in, perhaps it's time to consider an upgrade?

Go long, young man. 

We're talking about the look Riccardo Tisci introduced with Givenchy via Kanye West, and although the longline T-shirt has taken a few years to reach the rest of us, look around and you'll see that Kanye's signature fit has reached peak lows.  

And it's not just Yeezy why we're rocking an extra coupla inches below the waist, here's four more reasons why your next T-shirt purchase should be a longline. 


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Not to be confused with the boxier styles and oversized shapes we're seeing courtesy the 90s menswear trend; a longline T-shirt is fitted throughout so that it's pretty much identical to your regular crew cut T-shirt but with either a curved or extended hem. Remember that this is not a dress, so opt for something fitted that hits mid-thigh instead of tickling the tops of your knees. 

You're already making a big statement when wearing a longline Tee so there's no need to do much else with the rest of your look. Oversized pants and chunky sneakers will make you look like a toddler. Instead pay careful attention to your proportions and wear with slim trousers or skinny jeans and simple sneakers


Because a longline T-shirt is more structured than your average crew cut it's a vital layering piece. This is especially the case in summer when it's too hot to make a look with a jacket or coat. A longline peeking out underneath another T-shirt makes a statement and juggling three T-shirts is a veritable style moment. Just remember to choose lighter fabrics that will breath, as a winter T-shirt is going to weigh you down. 

Again, you're doing enough with the layering so there's no need for big logos, loud prints and busy patterns. Block-colour pieces and pops of colour subtly coming through work best. And if you're going to play around with colour combos then make sure that you read this piece on colour theory first. 


your next T-shirt should be a longline

Short dudes should avoid longline Tees, unless they want to come across as even shorter. Tall dudes will look more proportionate though, and to prove our point we put our 6'7 style director Jason Basson in the same longline T-shirt that our 6' model wore. Normally Ol' Snakehips, as we like to call him behind his elongated back, would need to buy two sizes up and end up drowning in the excess fabric. But just look at how the longline shows off his superbly sculpted silhouette; the extended hem breaking his body up much better than a regular Tee would. Suits you, sir!


Yes, this is an edgier look that's made for the confident man and, yes, you can't deny how the longline T-shirt works with other trending menswear pieces such as distressed jeans, cuffed joggers, Chelsea boots (psst, did we tell you how this R499 pair saved our winter?) and white retro sneakers. We're really feeling it, and perhaps that's because the longline Tee solves a menswear mistake we've all been guilty of in the past. Yep, the most important benefit and the number one reason to opt for the longline T-shirt this summer - no more plumber's crack! Consider us sold. 

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