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There is no single item of clothing that screams "badass" or “maverick” like a leather jacket does. For decades, these jackets have been a staple piece for every larger-than-life-badass you can think of. Because of their very nature, leather jackets are not an accessory, they are a statement or a lifestyle piece. An entire outfit can be built around a single statement piece like a leather jacket, even whole wardrobes. A leather jacket is an investment and thus, the process of shopping for one should be treated as such when you shop for a leather jacket. Superbalist is where you can buy the best leather jackets as we have a wide selection of casual and classic leather jackets, so there is something for everyone. You are always welcome to browse our store for the best fashion in South Africa, only on Superbalist.
A quality leather jacket can help highlight your personal and unique style. Leather jackets are also a hit year after year, and nothing indicates that this is changing for the time being. Most people think of the classic black leather jacket when the talk falls on the popular biker jacket. But the classic black leather jacket is just one of many types of leather jackets that you can also shop for on Superbalist. There is a sea of ​​colours, designs, materials and details on our leather jackets for women and men. You can find the perfect leather jacket for yourself here on Superbalist. Leather jackets have all the unique details so you can find the one that best suits your style. We have many genuine leather jackets here on the site and in our stores. You can also find soft and delicious suede jackets on Superbalist.

A leather jacket is a good basic item for your wardrobe. It is a good investment because it can be used year after year and is a style essential during any season. The leather jacket actually only gets better with time. The leather jacket can be used for both everyday and party, as it can be styled in thousands of ways
There are many suggestions on how to best style your leather jacket for everyday life. Of course, it all depends on your style. Some only choose to style the leather jacket with black and white colours. It gives a simple and raw look. You can also use the leather jacket with a fine and light sweater or with a thin and delicate silk blouse if you want a more feminine outfit. The light and delicate colours give a good contrast to the raw look that leather jackets often have. If you want to complete the raw style, you can use a leather jacket with a pair of worn jeans and a pair of nice boots. For example, combine the leather jacket with a pair of boots if you want a classic and raw look. You can find boots and many other delicious boots on Superbalist. Every leather company always makes jackets in a few different styles. If you find that you like the quality of one company but want a specific cut, I would suggest looking around their products because you'll invariably find that style of jacket in their list of offerings. If not, you could even hold off because they might just make it next season. The 3 major styles you'll see most often are Bomber, Double Rider, and Moto. More details are below, but as you get to know each style, you'll find a lot of the other weird cuts are just variations of these 3 styles.