The best pants for showing off your sneakers

And at R399 or less, you'll have more money to spend on kicks

tracksuit bottoms

If we had a rand for every time we spotted a sneakerhead selling himself short in the wrong pants, well, we'd have enough scratch to cop ourselves this sneakerhead's display cabinet full of covetable kicks.

Listen up, there's no point in building up an enviable sneaker collection if you're not going to stunt them properly. Show some self-respect, man, and pull on the right pants for the job.

Below are five pairs of pants that will best show off your sneakers. You'll notice that they're not all jeans either. So shop smarter, learn these simple tricks and step up your sneaker game without having to buy more shoes (but we won't stop you if you can't help yourself).

white sneakers

Now here's a look! Everything is so fresh, clean and understated that it all works together without anything competing or trying too hard to stand out. It all starts with those baby blue trousers, which when worn with bright white sneakers and white dad socks makes for a wonderful foundation on which to build the rest.
Your move: By keeping your bottom half understated, it will balance out even the most hipster accoutrements like a beard, hat, hype belt etc.

suit and sneakers

The suit-and-sneakers thing was always in danger of becoming played out after every wedding we attended last season had the groomsmen rocking matching kicks with their suits. However, don't let this deter you, and if you take care with what you wear, putting in more effort than simply wearing your Chucks hidden under the excess fabric of a rental suit, you'll hit all the right notes. Like this guy.
Your move: Have your suit trousers tailored so that they break just above your sneakers. And lose the tie. 

cropped tricot pants

Just look at how these cropped tricot tracksuit pants with side-stripe detail complement the adidas Originals Gazelles. Bare ankles look cool, and full points to this guy for keeping his secret socks a secret, as there's nothing worse than the tell-tale fabric peeking out.
Your move: Read this piece on how to wear your sweats to work and then start playing around with smarter combinations.

tracksuit bottoms tucked into socks

The whole point of being a card-carrying member of the tracksuit mafia is showing off your kicks. This won't always work with more voluminous bottoms, and so if that's the case you can simply tuck your trackies into your socks.
Your move: Get the proportions right and aim at hitting mid ankle. Too high and you'll look like Bagger Vance. One leg shorter than the other and you'll look like the East Staines Massiv.

double denim
padding block

Perhaps the greatest offender when it comes to pants that get it wrong, denim needs to work with your sneakers. Find the perfect pair for your most prized kicks by paying attention and working with the wide range of washes, details and fits that the fabric is available in. Look at how this guy matches his candy-coloured Bapesta's to a pair of fruity socks and jeans straight outta Dawson's Creek.
Your move: Check out the different ways how to turnup your trousers and use these tricks to best show off your sneakers when wearing more voluminous denim.