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Jeans for Women

There can never be a bigger emphasis on fit and cut. Our jeans are made to accentuate the parts you want to flaunt while ensuring ultimate style and comfort. Shop the best range of jeans; the style essential that never goes out of season. Get your perfect pair of jeans that you can incorporate into your formal and casual wardrobe. From skinny jeans, to wide leg trouses, boyfriend jeans and more, we have you covered!

Jeans If you're blessed with generous curves you'll know that shopping for plus size jeans can be frustrating. Which is why Superbalist has done the initial sifting for you. What's left are cuts designed to fit fuller figures at very affordable prices. Plus we have iconic jeans brands like Levi's that are timeless yet always on trend and great jeans from UK label Evans' range specifically for plus size women. Other brands you're likely to recognise are Queenspark Plus and Style Republic Plus. Whichever one you decide on you're sure to find your plus size denim fix here. Leggings After shaking off corsets the arrival of leggings (not the footless-tights variety of dance classes) as a fashion item has to be the second biggest women's fashion moment. All women and especially plus size women love them for their ability to hug your figure streamline your shape and simply let you dress without a worry. Superbalist's range are exclusively selected with the fuller figure in mind so that you can be assured of comfy style with brands such as Edit Plus Evans and Style Republic Plus. And isn't it great that the only thing that will stretch is our leggings and not your budget? Pants Hey Smarty Pants! Stop running around and take a look at the great range of women’s plus size pants right here on your screen. Superbalist has casual classics like capris in trans-seasonal colours by Contempo Curve as well as statement palazzo pants with eye-catching prints by Polkadot. Plus size specialist brands like Edit Plus and Queenspark Plus further help to add variety to our plus size pants section as well as to your wardrobe. Chic classic casual or downright chilled Superbalist has the fuller-figure pants to fit your curves beautifully!