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Writer: Helen Wallace | Images: Supplied

These days, the self-proclaimed icon and cultural curator, Lelo Meslani, might be spending more time producing tracks or overseeing content creation than outdoors. But that doesn’t mean that this trailblazer isn’t excited at the prospect of a long, chill spring and summer and the style + tunes that come with it.

Spring/Summer Strings + Things

Lelo describes his style as simple with interesting or statement pieces. And preferably homegrown and a touch gender-bending. “Something that comes through a lot in my fashion choices is my love of local designer brands,” the DJ explains.

“I also enjoy playing outside of gender norms when it comes to the garments I wear, especially for big events or occasions.”

But there’s one wardrobe staple that forms the basis of Lelo’s Spring/Summer style DNA: the humble T-shirt.

“The material is breathable and light and there are plenty of options - from plain colours to prints and graphics. Add to that a pair of shorts, jewellery (don’t be shy), Crocs (why not!), a handbag, and you’re good to go.”

M block

A place that always brings back fond memories for Lelo is the beach. This is thanks to spending his childhood holidays in Durban. Now he is all grown up and knows which fabrics are best suited to balmy beach days.

“Loose, flowing items made from linen and cotton are essential,” he says. “My Birks and bucket hats also make for cool but comfortable Spring/Summer style.”

When asked what he loved most about the pieces he is coveting for this campaign?

"I love the nude colours. It’s a colour I hardly wear because I’m always spotted in black, but this compliments my skin and I love the fact that it’s easy to move around in and doesn’t feel too heavy, " he says.

Press play to see how Lelo's taking his wardrobe into neutral territory this summer.

Sounds of Spring/Summer

After a long, cold winter, the birds have finally started to sing again. But there is another tune in the air that has Lelo’s attention right now. While Frank Ocean – the Blonde album specifically – resonates with him most, he’s in the mood for something lighter this season.

“This Spring/Summer needs a light soundtrack after another heavy year,” Joburg’s sound sensations says.

Emlanjeni by De Mthuda & Sir Trill is fun, easy to rock with, and gives off a warm energy that reflects the new season.”

This Spring/Summer – jabs in healthy bodies – you might catch Lelo dancing in some black clothing options wearing an intense, lingering fragrance. So step outside once and all the senses might just be tickled.

Lelo is a firm believer that ‘comfort’ and ‘catchy’ is key when it comes to style and sounds this Spring/Summer.

“Own your individuality as well as your fashion and listening choices. And don’t forget to show a little skin. Always.”

5 minutes with Lelo

If you could describe yourself as your favourite music album, which would it be? Why?

Frank Ocean’s “Blonde”. I can relate to everything about that album and era - from the album cover to the songs and lyrics in it. It was released on my birthday in 20 August 2016, and through that time to now, I’ve come to realise how complex, fluid, fun yet moody and dynamic Frank is.

What’s your favourite summer fashion memory?

Wearing blue shorts to show some glistening legs, a buttoned-down pattern shirt, sneakers to compliment, and shades while having the sea breeze blow in my direction. There’s nothing that feels better than knowing you look good while being super comfortable. That was my moment and I happened last year while I was down in Cape Town.

Shopping for clothing is...

Fun when you don’t have to pay for it.

When I’m getting dressed, I like to listen to these 3 songs...

  1. SZA – Good Days
  2. Doja Cat – Get Into It (Yuh)
  3. Keenan Meyer – Santa Theresa

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