How to wear jeans and a T-shirt

Without looking like a guy who describes his style as "jeans-and-a-T-shirt"

jeans and a T-shirt

You've probably been relying on the modern menswear uniform that is jeans-and-a-T-shirt for most of your life. However, the world's most basic outfit can leave you looking rather, well, basic. Think about it, you're wearing two of the most common menswear items together, pulling both on without any attention or concern, and unless you're Brad Pitt you'll need to put in a bit more effort. Here's how to stand out from the crowd using five simple T-shirt tricks, plus the jeans to wear them with.

Tucked T-shirt

The subtle styling tweak is most definitely back, and we think it's a great way to play with the male silhouette come summer when it's too hot to wear anything but the bare minimum. While tucking looks good, it's obviously better suited to men with a strong core, so if you've been putting in the gym time then make like James Dean and Marlon Brando tucking your T-shirt into your most 90s jeans. This pair has a sidestripe that when cuffed at the ankle creates a look that's a lot more fashion.

Special mention – the French tuck has a certain nonchalance that works with the casual nature of jeans. If you can't commit to a full tuck then try the T-shirt equivalent of a mullet, tucking in the front of your T-shirt and leaving the back to hang out.

T-shirt under an overshirt

Here's how to take a break from all the graphics and logos that have infiltrated menswear of late, while still doing something more visually interesting than wearing a plain T-shirt. If you weren't committed to your winter workout then stripes have a way of tricking the eye into making your chest appear broader, drawing attention to your shoulders and pecs. Meanwhile the overshirt camouflages your gut, and by adding this third piece makes an outfit feel that much more put together. Wear with light wash distressed denim and clean white high-tops for an on-trend look.

jeans and a T-shirt

This is a hack skinny guys have been doing for years in order to add more bulk to their frame. Simply wear one T-shirt over another and pay careful attention to the length of each. Seen here, the paler of the two T-shirts has a scooped hem and drapes the body, peeking out from below the much more structured bright sunshine yellow tee. That yellow T-shirt is actually pretty close to perfect, from the colour to the cut to the weight – and doubling up is just one way that we'll be wearing it. Play up the contrast and wear with a pair of inky black jeans below.

Button Up

Polo shirts are easy to shop for because you know that when you buy one you'll wear it on repeat. And we're not just talking the rest of summer, but for several more seasons to come. Like the T-shirt there are numerous ways to wear – who can forget the doubled and sometimes tripled polo and popped collars of the early 00s? But that doesn't mean you should. We consider the polo shirt a smarter option than a regular T-shirt and have styled a pique charcoal melange with dark Chelsea boots and slim jeans in a midwash. A go-to look for anyone who's ever worked in an office with no dress code, or the easy to misinterpret 'business casual', and still wants to look like they care. 

Rolled Sleeve

The perfect white T-shirt probably doesn't exist. And we should know, we've been searching for a crisp white tee that starts out as everything we need and then stays that way for years now. In the meantime we'll continue to shop value white Tees, adding the fresh ones to the top of our white tee rotation and relegating those at the bottom to gym and layering under shirts for warmth. When they're priced this nice, or come in value multi-packs, you can afford to buy a stack and pop a tag whenever you need to feel your best. Elevate this classic look using the simple flourishes seen here, such as cuffing the sleeves or even trying out the half-tuck. Keeping things simple on top, wear with somewhat busier jeans below, which in this case are super-skinny with slashed knees, side-stripe detail and employs the skateboarder's trick of using a shoelace for a belt

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