Behind the brand: G-Star RAW

Not all jeans are created equal, and that's exactly why G-Star RAW is investment denim worth spending on

Founded in Amsterdam in 1989, for more than 20 years G-Star RAW has been fusing high-level craftsmanship with streetwear edge, specialising in raw denim and creating washes and treatments that bring out the unique qualities and characteristics of denim. With everything from raw, unwashed denim through to deep indigo dyed and extreme bleach, with treatments adding multiple graduations and wear to create distinctive, textured garments that have soul, G-Star can be worn in myriad ways. We spoke with three men of influence about why G-Star is their denim brand of choice.

Behind the brand: G-Star RAW

Cameron Foden, former men's designer at G-Star RAW and now senior denim designer for Calvin Klein

"Other people can explain it more eloquently, but I think we're dealing with a snowball effect of consumer reaction against the recession by 'buying less but spending more' – or in other words, 'investing in investment pieces', and denim is like the poster-boy for this, as it's considered one of the few pieces of clothing that gets better as it gets older. Add to this the pressure of designers that need to be seen as innovative and relevant and you get this mess of perspectives with an outdated fabric that fundamentally should be uncomplicated and most probably just served raw. And you should stop buying new jeans and learn how to do your own repairs. If you're too lazy to do that, then first learn how to stop being lazy."

Behind the brand: G-Star RAW

Uriah van Zyl, co-founder of Anvl Kraft Workshop 

"Denim is a very hardy material, and that's obviously why we wear it because if you're working on your bike, especially with the grinder, you're going to get dirty. The material is non-flammable, grease and dirt doesn't show on darker denim, and if you do happen to come off the bike then you're a lot better off in the thickest denim you can afford. Premium denim is worth the extra money because of how it's cut and manufactured. It's strong enough to work in and such quality that the more you wear it the better it looks."

Behind the brand: G-Star RAW

Doni Del Sal, head of menswear at Superbalist

"G-star is authentic, well made, comfortable and just get better with age. I especially love the trademark deep back pockets and that they have plenty of button-fly options – don't give me zips on my jeans. They're also able to suit my moods, where one day I'll dress as a grungy rocker rebel, urban military the next and with the occasional dapper dandy day, too. My jeans need to work with all of these moods, and G-Star's versatility allows me to do this."

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