First rule of decor? There is no detail too small.

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When your vocabulary has consisted of the words; “isolation”, “lockdown”, and “social distancing'', rhythm becomes somewhat of a myth - a faraway fantasy stored somewhere in the archives of a pre-pandemic world.

Home is not only where the heart is - it is both an oasis away from the volatility of the world and the genesis of fresh ideas and perspectives. During a period of great uncertainty those four corners were all we had, and now more than ever, we grasp quite sincerely the importance of a space that uplifts and encourages us to remain adaptable in a world that always seems to be ten steps ahead.

home decor

As a celebration of the fluid lines observable in nature, this decor trend implores and leads us into a softer reality. It’s time to bid farewell to harsh lines and rigidity and say hello to a softer aesthetic.

Call this the calm after the storm. We’re moving towards homes that encapsulate our true tastes. Think soft lines and + rounded edges, curves, and arcs in decor, furniture, and wall art.

Homes have become more than just spaces for nesting and resting - they’ve also assumed the roles of offices, classrooms, and even isolation pods. As such, adding a sense of cosiness to our living spaces is no longer just a decor aesthetic choice - it’s become an extension of a way of life. When your home is an all-in-one space a sense of comfort and movement takes precedence over all else. Surely and no-not-so-slowly our homes are beginning to mirror an internal need for ease and a journey back to what truly matters; comfort and harmony.

In a multifunctional home it’s easy for the overall rhythm of the house to be lost when rooms and areas are reserved for different purposes. Soothing, organic lines help establish a flow from one room to another by leading the eye around the home in a rippling manner, as opposed to the traditional straight line, all while honouring the entire rhythm of the home.

Here's how to apply the soft approach to your home in 2022:

home decor

In Food52's trend predictions trend predictions, designer Linda Hayslett observes how “furniture is becoming more refined and is about the marrying of form with function — think softer curves that show off like a beautiful naked back. People are looking for comfortability along with fun, cool, and/or striking pieces that make a space look interesting and memorable.”

Chosen by decorators such as Jacques Grange, sofas and chairs with rounded and curved edges in bold colours and soft textures don’t only make the ultimate statement, they put comfort first and invite ease into the space. WFH has also required us to be super savvy about the way we furnish and decorate our homes. Now we're most likely to have plush home office chairs in our carts and perhaps an ottoman or beanbag chair in a complementing shade that we stretch our legs out on when that midday slump hits.


Decor Rules 101: there is no detail too small. If subtlety is your thing, opt for lighting and wall art with curvy lines and soft edges. The goal is to create an endless flow throughout the home with different pieces - no matter how overt or understated.


Rooted in a need to boost our mental health, especially in the height of 2020’s lockdowns, the houseplant trend rethinks comfort by bringing nature’s beauty and benefits inside the house. Add plants - artificial, printed or fresh - around your home for freshness, a touch of green (another one of 2022’s colour design trends) and vibrancy.

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Texture is the trend that never left. Look to it to bring dimension into any room. Harness the power of comfort with soft-textured statement pieces while adding contrasting textures for visual harmony. Rugs are the biggest providers of texture. Swap the traditional rectangle rug for a rounded one to continue on the theme of soft edges. And if rugs are too big a commitment, intricately woven or knitted throws and cushions, sink-you-feet-in kinda bathroom rugs, embroidered bedding, and quilts are a great way to play around with texture and switch things up from time to time.

As with all things design and decor, our homes are an embodiment of the happenings of our internal life. This time asks us to simplify things and embrace what has always worked - softness. Curves - in nature, ourselves, and our homes - urge us to find comfort in rhythm, in the natural ebb and flow of life itself.

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home decor