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Accessories for Kids

Shop baby accessories online with Superbalist, featuring a selection of only the best plain and branded hats, flip-flops, sunglasses, towels, and much more. Practical and pretty, these accessories are an ideal gift for your baby girl, doubly so with summer just around the corner. We’ll even deliver to your door, wherever you are in South Africa, making shopping so much easier.

Accessories Get everything you need for your baby girl at Superbalist. Sweet baby grows are essential but it takes more than clothes to keep her warm and comfortable. Add some receiving blankets and beanies to your shopping list to beat any chill. You’ll also need a few Poogy Bear bibs to catch all that drool. Mina Moo Dummy clips are also a timesaver because you won’t spend frantic minutes hunting for your baby girl’s dummy. And don’t forget to add a headband (or two) to your shopping list as they’re oh-so-cute and will complete any outfit.