We clink glasses, whet our wanderlust, and build kinship with the women of Wine-ish

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Words: Helen Wallace | Images: Supplied

One of the best ways to spend a warm evening is sipping drinks and swapping stories with your crew. This is exactly what the women of Wine-ish intend to do this Spring/Summer season.

Wine-ish is a collective fermented from the fruits of Obakeng Monamodi, Hlumelo Williams, Buhlebezwe Ndaba, and Palesa Mapheelle’s weekly hook ups in Joburg’s hot spots intended to regroup and recharge once a week.

“It’s been ages already! Obakeng and Buhle met in high school, Palesa and Obakeng met in varsity, and Buhle and Hlumelo met in varsity.”

“We would talk about almost everything, but it was always centred around wines we loved and shared,” they explain. “Once people online started taking an interest in our recommendations and the hangout spots we visited, we decided to make it formal and we haven’t looked back.”

Out + About

It goes without saying that the ladies love a good wine bar, complete with sun, shades, good food and great music. 44 Stanley, Mr Pants Wine Bar and Eighteen13 are some of their favourite spots in the city.

They also enjoying pairing their drinks (preferably a good Chardonnay or Chenin blanc) with fresh, seasonal salads, sushi and decadent cheeseboards to make the most of summer flavours.

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Un-WINE-Ding At Home

Wine-ish might be made up of four women, but collectively their home decor style could be described as modern with minimalism and industrial elements.

Something they all have in common, however, is an eye for comfort. From their bedrooms to their sitting areas, soft furnishing and good-quality linens make their spaces inviting and relaxing.

Another thing that takes a place of pride in all their homes is their extensive wine collections.

“For us, wine definitely makes a home. Followed by how you choose to display it,” they say.

“From Palesa’s decorative wall display to Obakeng’s fancy new wine fridge, we love being at each other’s places to discover and experience the different bottles we’ve stored up

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When the weather warms up, the fluffy cushions and throws are packed away and replaced with lightweight fabrics.

“Calm, neutral tones and Mediterranean elements to match my decor to my favourite destination, Italy’s Amalfi Coast, can transport me without having to leave my home,” says Obakeng.

And if stepping into your house makes you feel as though you are on holiday, you are doing something right.

Need recommendations on how to live your best Spring/Summer? The women of Wine-ish recommend good tunes, good friends, and good wine.

We’ll cheers to that while we watch them enjoy a dlaz... or four with them.

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