You know what they say - home is where the heart is. Beyond your job, your home is the place you spend most of your time. SO why not create an inviting environment you love? Superbalist's home and living department features a wide variety of homeware that appeals to a variety of styles and aesthetics. Whether you're redesigning your space or looking for a quick and easy interior refresh, you can't go wrong with our homeware range. Make your home living space the perfect reflection of their taste with furniture, home decor, tabletop items and outdoor furniture. Build your perfect home online with Superbalist. With top homeware brand like Sixth Floor, Smeg, De Longhi, Jamie Oliver, Hertex Fabrics, and Yamazaki to choose from, you're guaranteed to create your own personal oasis with just a few clicks. To make things even better, Superbalist often has home specials, allowing you to shop stylish homeware for less. Check out our Daily Offers section to find great deals on homeware online.

Fill your home with stylish furniture

Every house needs a few core furniture pieces. From your living room to your kitchen and bedroom, cover all your bases with our stylish furniture finds. Think sofas, bedside tables, dining tables, chairs, coffee tables, and desks. Create the perfect at-home workspace with notebooks, wireless keyboards, headphones and stationary. Of course, you can't forget the importance of good lighting. Brighten your space with overhead lights or stand lamps that illuminate your room in style.

Let's get cooking

We all gotta eat. Make cooking fun and build your dream kitchen with kettles, toasters, coffee machines, knives, and cookware that will bring out your inner chef. Become the host with the most with chic table linen, wine glasses, and serveware that will be the talk of the dinner party.

Rest easy

Sleep is an essential part of life, so why not do it in style? Our duvets and bedding come in simplistic, abstract, and colourful designs, allowing you to get your forty winks in comfort.

Decorate your space

What really makes a house a home is in the details. Liven up your space with unique home decor like mirrors, wall art, vases, artificial plants, and curtains. A quality sound system, a diffuser and a few scented candles can do wonders to set the mood. These homeware items are low effort but maximum impact. Whether your style is minimalist, maximalist, traditional, edgy or quirky, we've got the perfect homeware pieces to instantly liven up any space.


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Home and Living

How to make your house stylish?

Need some tips on how to make your house stylish? It's all in the details. While you need quality furniture like couches, desks, coffee tables, beds, headboards and bedside tables, what really makes a house a home is in the little things. A few patterned scatter cushions, scented candles, diffusers that make any room smell amazing, and a quality sound system do wonders in setting the mood and the style pace. Add a few plant stands to bring greeny into your space, and mirrors to your OOTD moments. Channel your inner interior designer with home decor accessories like vases to house elegant flowers, conversation-starting wall art, and rugs and mats that instantly tie any space together.

What are the best homeware products?

The best homeware products are the kind that never go out of style. You can't go wrong with a retro Smeg kettle, or an elegant vase for your weekly bunch of flowers. Take care to invest in pieces like a sound system, cookware, couches and coffee tables that not only serve a purpose but add interest to your home. Add a full-length mirror so you can do your family outfit checks, as well as ample storage for all the items you'd rather keep hidden. Sleep is an important bodily function, so make sure to do it in style with luxurious bedding and duvets that will leave you never wanting to get out of bed.