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Accessories for Men

Contrary to popular belief, accessorising is not just for women. knows that when it comes to men’s style, it’s all in the details. Of course, there is a line. You don’t want to end up looking like a bad version of Mr T. That’s why we’ve done the selecting for you, to make sure that when you add your men's accessories, you do it right. There’s a stylish way to stash your cash or cards with our selection of leather and canvas wallets, or aluminium card holders if you prefer to travel light. Belts are not just for holding up your pants – these days your belts are designed to add an extra element of cool to your kit. You can’t go wrong with a tan colour, genuine leather belt with subtle metal hardware – buy one, it works with everything. Cheapo, Vans and Komono provide you with their top UV lense shades, in the coolest vintage and modern frames out there. And because you’re never fully dressed without a…hat? Shop our men’s hats, from the essential woolly beanie to the retro headwear of authentic Joburg milliners (hat makers) Simon and Mary. Speaking of finishing touches, we also curate a selection of cufflinks that add a regal appeal to occassions that call for suave 21st century gentleman. Basically, Superbalist is the all-encompassing online store for all your men's accessories and more.