Reebok is saying no to dye and yes to celebrating the natural form of fabric


They say you are what you eat, so why not be what you wear too? For decades, we’ve done the work to find out the processes behind - and the ingredients of - all that we ingest, sifting through shelves of information to pick away at the granular details of our daily menus.

Clothes are the food of fashion, feeding our sartorial cravings of comfort and trendiness. The conscious consumer’s appetite for environmentally-friendly products has reached a gentle rumble, welcoming the sound of 97 percent of consumers who say they want to make a positive impact on the environment. This piqued interest in brands that are friends of the planet sees 89 percent of consumers also indicating that they would buy a product that promises environmental benefits.

But in the world of fashion, what do environmental benefits look like?

Well, in the same way that “we are what we eat”, Reebok says “what we’re made of matters” - a perfect meeting of sustainability and conscious consumption.

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Reebok aims to go for the Earthshot by ensuring that 100 percent of its products will be sustainable by 2030. Because ingredients matter, the sustainable product categories at Reebook boast the following; (REE)GROW, (REE)CYCLED, vegan, better cotton, organic cotton, and colour with care.

Under the ‘colour with care’ umbrella, there’s not only any rain but there’s No Dye either. That’s right - for its FW21 capsule collection - Reebok is removing the dying process to save energy, reduce chemical pollution, and put a lid on high water consumption, celebrating the natural form of the fabric instead.

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Seen across the Classics and TechStyle ranges, the No Dye capsule puts its best environmental footprint forward with footwear featuring a blank canvas upper, sugarcane midsole, and natural rubber outsole. Another eco-nod is given by the footwear’s 100 percent cotton canvas and laces.

Look forward to re-upping your wardrobe with [REE]CYCLED items that have been dyed just the way nature intended.

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