Discover your inner Black Friday warrior + stand a chance to win a R2000 Superbalist voucher

Black Friday: Choose Your Fighter L-block

Words: Kirsten Jacobs | Images: Supplied

The Black Friday Showdown is coming. Are you ready for it? With incredible deals on the world’s biggest and best brands coming your way from 24 - 29 November, now is the perfect time to score on all the items you’ve been waiting to call yours.

Black Friday is no joke. It can be a battlefield out there, which is why you need to come prepared to fight for your favourite items.

Like with anything, half the battle is in getting ready for it. This is where we come in. We’ve created a breakdown of the different kinds of Black Friday fighters you’re likely to come across on the day, so you know who you are and who you’re up against.

How will you show up for the showdown?

Choose your fighter now and stand a chance to win one of three R2000 Superbalist.com vouchers. Simply download the Superbalist.com app, screenshot the fighter you relate with the most, share it to your Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook using the hashtag #SuperbalistBlackFridayShowdown and tag @Superbalist to be entered into our Black Friday Showdown competition. It’s that simple. You have until midnight, 25 November to enter.

Good luck! May the odds be ever in your favour.


The Planner M block

Does the thought of relinquishing power cause your eye to start twitching uncontrollably? Then your perfect player is most likely the Planner.

For you, no sale is left unresearched and no Wishlist is too long. Organised and meticulous, you thrive in positions of power, which is why you micromanage every step of your life - especially your Black Friday shopping. You’ve got your credit card number memorised by heart, and all your notifications enabled. Your greatest strength is strategic planning, so you know exactly when to strike while the iron is hot and when to fall back (but let’s be honest, you never back down from a fight).

Your greatest weakness? Being without a Wi-Fi connection for longer than 15 minutes.

Armed with a power bank, two notebooks, and a change of clothing for any weather changes - the planner is never caught off guard. You probably live by the Steve Jobs philosophy of wearing the same basics every day so that you never have to waste too much time making minor decisions.

Picture a daily rotation of jeans, classic tees, button-downs, and sneakers you can easily slip on and off as you go about your day. You’re never without your trusty backpack or tote bag that houses all the essentials for your daily life - that is; your tech products that keep you in the loop 24/7. You like to align yourself with brands like Nike, SMEG, and JBL because they have reached the top of their respective fields, much like yourself.

The Latecomer M-block

Oh wait, it’s Black Friday - again? What day is it on? If you find yourself asking these kinds of questions quite often, you’re probably the Latecomer (it’s Friday 26 November, just FYI).

You live for today and not tomorrow’s satisfactions, so you don’t really sweat the small details. Your general attitude towards everything is to take it easy and hope for the best. Somehow, that always works out for you. No Wishlist, just vibes.

You jump between various shopping categories, waiting for the Black Friday gods to show you the way. And look at that, you’ve just stumbled upon an incredible deal. Now, if only you could remember your login details...

For the Latecomer, life is all about having fun. You prioritise your personal enjoyment, so you tend to enjoy more relaxing activities like sleeping, cooking, and low-impact exercise like yoga. This is exactly why your most-worn outfits are athleisure-inspired pieces that make you look like you’ve put an effort in when, let’s be honest, you’ve probably been wearing them for two days straight. Your weapon of choice? A cosy blanket to cocoon yourself in whenever the going gets tough.

The Bargain Buster M-Block

The most powerful player in the game. You don’t want to mess with the Bargain Buster. This fighter is almost always ready to throw hands to get what they want.

“Oh, this? I got it on sale,” is your battle cry. Always filtered to shop ‘low to high’, you’re constantly in tune with the best deals on the market. You’re probably signed up to every mailing list there is, and your browser naturally opens to your favourite store’s sale page. Fuelled by coffee and a burning hatred for paying full price for anything, you’ll probably be camped out on our website hours before Black Friday officially starts. You’re the best person to have in any group project, because you always have a shortcut or cheat code. “Work smart, not hard,” you always say.

Since you’re heavily guided by discount more than purpose, your general style is mostly a random collection of various aesthetics. One day you’re rocking the finest formalwear to the office, the next you’re living in loungewear. However, one piece of your daily style that never fails to make an appearance is your handy watch that helps keep you on time for all your shopping. With all the hours you spend researching deals, you’ll need a comfortable couch and premium drinkware pieces to help keep you hydrated while you scroll.

The bougie buyer m-block

Forget about the fighter, you’re more like the villain in this story. As the Bougie Buyer, your main focus in life is to show up and show off.

Your life motto? Go big or go home.

It’s not about the cha-ching cha-ching, it’s more about the bling-bling. The only way you shop is according to brand filters, and the higher the price tag, the greater the prestige in your eyes. You probably do your Black Friday shopping under cover of darkness so no one knows you - *gasp* - got something on discount.

The Bougie Buyer is all about the latest and greatest items from the world’s top brands. Only the best will do, which is why you love big names like SMEG, Clinique, Armani, G-Star RAW, Diesel, and Vogue Eyewear. You’re not afraid of conspicuous consumption, so you tend to favour items with massive logos emblazoned on them. You wear these brands as armour, shielding you from the “plebs” who are simply not on your level. Your home is decorated with rich tones, luxurious pieces, and conversation-starters you can use to show off your style.

Competition Ts + Cs:
Competition ends 25 November, 2021 at midnight. Winners will be contacted directly via social media on 26 November, 2021. 3x winners will be randomly selected, one from each social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). Prize not transferable or redeemable for cash. The winner has 48 hours to claim their prize. In the event that a prize is unclaimed, a redraw will take place. Due to POPIA, winners will only be announced once we receive their consent.

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