Master Eid Fashion With These Influencers' Style Tips

Dressing for Eid made easy by Areeba Baker and Azeez Jacobs

Eid Fashion

Words: Nabeel Allie | Photography: Half and Halve

Looking your best for Eid is non-negotiable. Whether you're visiting friends, having lunch by your ouma or hiding from that one aunty who always demands a kiss on the cheek when perhaps a less-than-intimate fist bump is more appropriate, your style game needs to be on-point. With the help of stylist, make-up artist, social media coordinator and founder of @areebaartistry, Areeba Baker, and the Fashion and Grooming Editor for Men's Health, Azeez Jacobs, you're going to be your most stylish self this Eid. 

Azeez Jacobs

"Guys, think outside the box, it's 2018. That time of just wearing white pants with braces and things like that, it's so dated and it feels like you work at the Mount Nelson Hotel. Dressing well on Eid is about how you put the combination together," Azeez says. With chilly winter weather setting in around the country, layering will certainly be key not only so that your outfit looks great and is weather appropriate, but also so that you'll be cosy throughout the day. 

If you'll be spending most of your day indoors, a simple ensemble will still work  – a formal shirt may be your base piece, worn under a jersey and blazer combination. You know how your Eid day is structured, so plan accordingly. "The best advice is to mix your formals and your casuals, that's very refreshing: trousers with a blazer and a polo neck and some kick-ass sneakers. Then add accessories like the belted chain on the blazer or trousers or even a lapel or pocket-square. Keep it classic while also being contemporary."  

Areeba Baker

For Areeba, the combination of stylish modesty with long-lasting fashion is at the centre of her Eid look. "This year I'm looking to buy things for an outfit that stands out but that I can also wear again. Versatile pieces are becoming increasingly important," she says. "Yes you do want to go all out for Eid but women want fashion that's adaptable. So for Eid, instead of trousers, I'll go for a dress or a jumpsuit and this year you'll see a lot of jumpsuits and suits."  

Bringing together Eastern and Western styles for both of her looks, Areeba incorporated complementing bottle-green and black for her first look and red and white for her second. She stresses that you should be comfortable on the day and that what works for others may not necessarily work for you. Once again, layering played an important role in both of her outfits. 

"For me, the first step is to always try something out and if it's not for you, try something else. Modesty doesn't always mean wearing a scarf on your head. People always misinterpret that. Modesty can mean wearing loose clothes, it's different interpretations and it's important to do what you feel comfortable in."  

Areeba Baker

A faux-fur jacket delivers a timeless look that can be used as a styling piece when you want to stunt, or to pull your look together and keep you wrapped up when you have to a bit of a walk ahead of you because you were the last to arrive for Eid lunch at your grandma and your dad parked far. However, wear what's appropriate – and by that, I don't mean what's appropriate according to what your older family members may say. It's Eid, so the occasional "Wat dra jy?" may come your way but you've got to move on because you came to eat trifle and look amazing and you're all out of trifle. Wear what's appropriate for your body while staying true to your faith and fashion sense. 

"Learn what suits your body and don't wear something just because someone else looks good in it," says Areeba. "If it doesn't look good on you then what's the point? I started like that and if it didn't work for me then I thought, 'Okay I can add a belt to this. I can put a polo neck underneath it.' Just spice it up a little bit so that it suits me." 

Azeez Jacobs

Due to the chilly weather, an elegant formal boot stands out as a stylish and warm option for the day. Men shouldn't look over a pair of Chelsea boots too quickly just because you've worn them casually and ladies shouldn't be too hasty in opting for the formal-day-standard stiletto, as a thick-heeled leather boot would be a great cold-weather option. The final tweaks are some of the most important touches to an outfit. They're the dhanya on top of the briyani, the whipped cream on the pavlova, the sabja seeds in the falooda – in other words, your look will be incomplete without them! A dashing watch, one that comes out only a handful of times a year, statement sunglasses and the perfect bag are all options for the special day. And while a statement accessory is a must, for Azeez, there are important no-go zones. 

"Please lose the braces and leave that red bow tie! You're not cool matching your tie with your pocket-square. You're not wearing a twin-set, nothing has to match. It's 2018, clash the prints and colours."

Importantly, while the shops are full with everyone looking for those last-minute pieces and items, Superbalist has everything you need for your Eid look so skip the queues and arrange your aesthetic from the comfort of your phone and get stunting. 

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