Keep it casual

Your summer guide to working it in weekend style

Words: Sibu Mabusela | Photographs: Glen Montgomery | Styling: Mandy Nash

Still think December is a month? Don’t get it confused – it’s a lifestyle, and when you’ve worked as hard as you have all year, it’s only right that you indulge to the fullest in leave, long evenings, and action-packed weekends. Look your best while you do the most in the freshest selection of outfits – these looks will have you prepped and ready for off-duty adventures, party sessions and more.

The 70s siren look

The outfit: This look isn’t for the fainthearted. It may be bold, but it’ll transition effortlessly from your daytime shindigs to nighttime get-togethers.

Where you’d wear it: To make sure you’re stylishly clad and the best dressed when it counts, wear yours for day strolling on the promenade, or when you’re headed to family picnics. Want to get the most out of this killer look? Be sure to transition it with heels when you attend your ex-best friend's birthday party cause it’s super comfortable and will get heads turning.

The athletic baddie look

The outfit: This ensemble is an effortless sports-luxe look – think Cara Delevingne and Gigi Hadid walking around the Big Apple with a green smoothie in hand. This could be you. Only you’re in the Motherland, and you’re having a froyo instead (because heat).

Where you’d wear it: This look is reserved for your most adventurous of days – you know, the days where you skipped Friday drinks so you could get things done the morning after. Think casual hikes, strolls and errands. It’s quiet enough to look like you just slipped it on but stylish enough to demonstrate your urban cool.

The laidback honey look

The outfit: OK, so you enjoy a cocktail as much as a craft beer and you’re pretty much down with wherever your diverse group of friends suggests you hang out next. The beach bar? You’re dressed and ready. Rooftop cocktails? All set.

Where you’d wear it: To the beach then the bar, and of course a late-night dinner with your mom and aunt because it’s been ages since you’ve seen them.

The ‘let’s go!’ look

The Outfit: This leisurely ensemble is all about looking good but feeling even better.

Where you’d wear it: This outfit shouts ‘freedom’ and it’s the look you’re donning as you make a break for a beach holiday or an inner-city chill after a long (long) year. It's comfy, functional and will be an instant hit.

The (almost) Hollywood look

The outfit: Here’s a super chilled, super cool look that’s all about celebrating your inner Kendall Jenner, aka the girl who basically gets paid to live, aka the master of off-duty style.

Where you’d wear it: This look goes down well on road trips, getaways and at festivals. It’s easy on the eye and will definitely look great in those “side-of-the-road-pictures” you’re bound to take. The jersey and kicks are sporty staples that lend this down-to-earth ensemble a little edge.

The super styler look

The outfit: We’ve saved the best for last. It’s your skeleton key look. Day, night, heels, flats, home, away – it just works.

Where you’d wear it: The question should be, where wouldn’t you? Work, late lunch with your boyfriend’s parents, or even that thing your best mate invited you to but forgot to mention the dress code, because this look just works.

Now that you’re fully prepped for leisure living, it’s time to head out into the sunlight and live your best-dressed life.

Model: Janke du Toit at BOSS
MUA: Saffiyah Cassim Khan at One League