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Jackets tell a story- adidas started producing sports shoes first for athletes and later for athletes of other disciplines. Over time, the brand expanded its apparel offerings, such as adidas' men's winter jackets and women’s adidas coats. The roots of the brand are in the Gebrüder Dassler shoe factory, built-in 1924 as a family business. In 1948, however, it came to a conflict between the two siblings and the two went their separate ways, which led to the emergence of the brand adidas. This shows that the jackets with the three stripes are not just for comfort and functionality, but also a piece of history in the clothing industry.
The adidas winter jacket has been very popular with its sporty sensibility and stylish charm every winter and autumn.
Adidas jackets for men, adidas jackets for women and adidas jackets for kids use adidas' unique three stripes as an important element of design. The strong three-wire line on the arm creates a neat yet minimalist appeal, while the oversized fit for extraordinary activity adds to the street's sensibility. Also, the short padding, which emphasizes the rich volume, can be used as a variety of styling items this winter by making a sense of sensation with neutral and making the stylish charm stand out.

Adidas jackets boasts design of the highest levels in every corner of the globe. Jackets with the three stripes are used by lovers of sporty styles and street fashion to complete their closet. Adidas Original jackets are so popular not only for their functionality but also for their cool appearance. Already now you can be a happy owner of a great winter jacket. Buy adidas jackets for women, kids and men on Superbalist and treat yourself and your loved ones to comfortable outerwear. Fashionable streetwear is also a staple of adidas Originals jackets. They make themselves solo as well as an additional layer under a trendy coat. And when the weather strikes, there's an adidas outdoor jacket, with warm down fill. Also for the women's world, there are the matching jackets of the label in the online shop. Slim and figure-hugging cut, but equally sporty, the women's models are guarantors for a casual style. The trendy designs from adidas meet the current zeitgeist, while the classics reflect the restrained look of the brand. Bright colours like pink or green, subtle tones like black or blue, all-over prints with flowers and patterns - this versatility is what makes adidas style. Decide on your taste and find the jacket that you like to wear. Always with you: the famous logo with the three stripes.

In addition to the streetwear models, you'll find adidas tracksuits that keep you warm on your way to the gym or during your daily run. Benefit from practical properties such as water-repellent and breathable fabrics. Shop on Superbalist for men’s adidas tracksuits, women’s adidas tracksuits and kid’s adidas tracksuits.


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