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Reaching your destination in style is easier than ever with our selection of chic suitcases, travel luggage, as well as luggage sets. Let us lighten your load and make your travel experience a lot more palatable with our durable, spacious, and compact bags and luggage. There’s no doubt we’ll make you stand out from the sea of sameness at the airport.

Our rolling suitcases and carry-on luggage combines fashion and functionality with won’t-break-the-bank affordability. So before you hit the airport and jet off to your next destination, browse through our hand luggage and other travel essentials.

Shoot for the sky and shop online with Superbalist, whether you’re looking for budget bags or luxe luggage.

Budget a little tight? Escape Society and Typo has got you covered with affordable options that doesn’t compromise on style. If you’re looking for a basic backpack, take a look at Typo’s black rolltop backpack, featuring an easy-access front pocket and magnetic closure to secure your belongings. Need something a little more compact and cutesy? Meow your way to Madrid in this adorable black backpack by Typo. It’s perfect for holding smaller items like your mobile phone, purse, wipes, and other little travel essentials. Plus, you can easily stow it under your seat.

Get ready to roll with Escape Society’s chic carry-on suitcases in black, silver, or gold. It has a simple design and is practical and lightweight so you won’t have to carry a heavy load.

If you’re able to splurge a little and looking to fly fabulously, look no further than Herschel Supply Co.’s range. Join the camo craze with this trendy Highland Carry-On Suitcase. It’s lighweight, perfect for short trips, and has enough space to store all your important items. Go big or go home, right? Well, not if you opt for Herschel Supply Co.’s trade suitcase. This is your best friend for longer journeys. It’s medium in size with a high storage capacity, and it’s hard shell means it’s even suitable for your fragile favourites.   

Organise yourself with this stylish Wander travel set by Typo.

And not all those who wander are lost, unless you’re luggage, obvs. Avoid prolonging your time at the airport and be sure to add a luggage tag so you won’t have to get confused trying to identify your bags on the carousel.


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