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Curtains are more than just a functional accessory that helps to control the lighting in a home. More than just window dressing, so to speak. Fortunately, we’ve got a stylish selection of curtains online to draw together a complete look for your home, while giving you the privacy you need. The range of tastefully designed curtains is by Sixth Floor.

Choosing the right curtains for your digs is an aesthetic choice as much as it is a practical consideration. So when selecting curtains for your home, remember to start by thinking about both its function and style. Shop online with Superbalist for contemporary curtains that will add colour, style, filter light (in or out), and block out nosy neighbours. Now that’s what we call making a good (curtain) call!

When it comes to picking curtains for your living room or a common area, you may want to allow some natural lighting to flow into your home. White curtains and other lighter, neutral shades can help you achieve this. This white eyelet curtain, for instance, is the perfect pick. It’s light enough to enable natural lighting to come in, yet heavy enough to be dimmed. Plus: white is a classic and versatile colour, working harmoniously with just about any other décor in a home. If you prefer higher levels of natural lighting (a.k.a you want your digs to be lit) and want to jazz up your space even more, have a look at this modern fine stripe tie top curtain in a gorgeous duo of duck egg and white hues. Or this neutral self lined taped curtain, which can add a decorative touch to any space. Dial up the drama in your space by adding a dash of velvet with this warm rose-coloured curtain.

Shop online with Superbalist and you’ll find a selection of curtains for sale – online shopping with us makes your life a whole lot easier after all, now doesn’t it? Let’s add in a few extra tips to ensure you get the right fit for your home. Speaking of fit, be sure to measure the height from rod to floor and to check it against the dimensions of the curtains (specified in our product details section) before clicking away. Did you know that hanging curtains closer to the ceiling can add height to your room? Well, if you didn’t, now you do.

Now that your curtain game is on point, click here to browse the rest of our apartment essentials and update your space with a few decorative touches. And remember, we’ll deliver to your doorstep anywhere in South Africa.


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