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An integral part of street culture, Timberlands have become synonymous with the streets and corners of New York City. Adopted by rappers seeking street cred to bolster their image, the shoes were soon seen everywhere in the ghettos of urban America, a far cry from the brand’s initial target market of New England construction workers. Biggie and Wu-Tang rapped about them, they were on the cover of albums from Mobb Deep and Outkast, and are now a staple in streetwear. Loved for their durability and comfort, shop online with Superbalist and browse our selection of Timberland boots in colours varying from the classic wheat, to brooding black, and even bright white or maroon hues.

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With a rich heritage of catering to the blue-collar workers of New England, Timberland boots are designed to last a lifetime. Their place as a grail of hip hop culture is an added bonus, the boots having been adored by everyone from Notorious BIG to Kanye himself. So whether you’re looking for hiking boots or just a streetwear come-up, look no further than the classic 6” boot, commonly called a pair of “Timbs”.