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Cameras Online

Life is to be lived and moments are to be captured. Immortalize special moments in your life and capture them with an Instax Film camera by Fujifilm. Our selection of Instax Mini cameras features all the hues that matter, from baby blue to cotton candy pink, staple black, and lime green. Instax is an investment item that you can keep for years to come and unlike taking the picture with your phone, it adds a film effect and prints the polaroid instantly. How many times have you captured epic pictures that just end up staying on your phone and in the cloud? This camera allows you to have tangible pictures that you can display on your walls, in a coffee table book or on your desk at the office. Instax brings back the novelty of film and having actual pictures to touch and feel.


The selection also features Fujifilm Quicksnap disposable camera. The Quicksnap is perfect for a weekend away or special occasions and being able to take pictures with the film feel without committing to getting a full-on Instax. The camera comes preloaded with film and is lightweight and portable to take on a getaway, wedding or graduation. Like the Instax, the Quicksnap prints your polaroids instantly and can easily be disposed of when you’ve used up all the preloaded film. The camera also boasts all the features of an Instax including a flash and focus-free operation. With the Quicksnap you get the full Instax experience at a lower price.


If your phone pictures are just too good for you to let them live on your smartphone, shop the Instax Share SP-2 Printer. This device allows you to print photos directly from your phone to a Polaroid. Boasting various polaroid templates and film filters, you have full control of the look and feel of your pictures. You can even use the printer to upload edited photos to your Instagram, Facebook or other social media platforms. The printer easily connects to WiFi and uses a free downloadable app that works for both Android as well as iOS devices and features a user-friendly interface. This gadget is a perfect gift for that friend who revels in taking selfies or the photography enthusiast.


Get creative with your polaroids with easy DIY projects. Create a photo collage by pinning all your favourite polaroids on a corkboard. Or create a photo garland with a wooden frame, string, and mini pegs. Another easy way to display your polaroids is putting them in a photo album that can casually sit on your coffee table and will be a great conversation starter when you have guests over. The ways to incorporate photos to your living space is endless and adds character to a home.


Also browse photo albums, Instax holders, various style films, and more camera accessories when you shop cameras online. Whether it be for capturing moments or exploring a passion for photography and even indulging in the nostalgia of film, our selection of Fujifilm cameras and accessories got you covered. Make every moment count and don’t forget to capture everything when you shop cameras online at


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