Meet the summer T-shirt you didn't know you needed

Hundreds of the moment T-shirts you'll wear every day this holiday, starting at R159

After showing you how Tyler, the Creator rocks a T-shirt, guiding you as to which is the best T-shirt for your body type, sharing the exercise that will build T-shirt muscle fast and then telling you how to wear jeans-and-a-T-shirt we know what you're thinking, "Really, another T-shirt post?" But stay with us and you'll understand why this summer update is crucial to your laidback looks. 

Originally a novelty item or strictly worn by American kids in the 50s, the graphic T-shirt has since become acceptable adult wear and we've stuck with the style for its youthful edge, where the bigger and bolder the graphic the more casual the T-shirt is. 

It makes sense in these summer months because when you're wearing such basic fits you want to do everything in your power to stand out from the other guys in flip-flops and boardies. The best way to do that is in a statement making Tee. 

Now we're all about timeless pieces and believe that it's the basics from which you build a successful wardrobe – the plain white or black T-shirt must always have a place in the stylish man's wardrobe – however, come vaycay the T-shirt is the perfect way to mix things up and experiment a little. 

The summer drop is all about having fun with fashion and wearing the type of thing you could never get away with at the office. So use your summer holiday as an opportunity to introduce a logo or phrase on your chest, wear something in a psychedelic misprint, rock a photo print, add bright colours, inject trippy patterns or simply bring back the type of graphic you haven't rocked since your days of surfwear. 

Because a T-shirt is an easy and affordable way to experiment there's not a huge investment here, and worst case scenario you'll relegate it to the football pitch for your weekly kickabout or sleep in it. 

As far as gifting ideas go it's the perfect thing for dads, brothers, friends and whoever else you want to be thinking of you whenever they pull it on with everything from jeans to chinos and shorts. 

We've rounded up the Tees that are trending hard right now and are the perfect update for your summer wardrobe, cheap enough to be bought on impulse yet with a legacy that goes across surfwear, skate culture and will maintain street credibility. 

The easiest way to buy into a trend, T-shirts are an inexpensive way of creating fun looks you'll want to wear from the tail-end of 2018 and into the new year. 

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