These gym hacks will make you look better in a T-shirt

Work your triceps not biceps and more from Men's Health editor Arthur Jones

Photographs: REX Features

Any man can wear a T-shirt, and as the most popular menswear item in the world – most do. However, in the same way that not all T-shirts are created equal, hard-men will always fill out a T-shirt better than doughboys and someone who knows this is editor of Men's Health, Arthur Jones.

With T-shirt season officially here we want you to look good in yours, which means along with buying the best you'll want to use the following Men's Health approved workouts to look your best.

Here's how to get a flatter stomach, bigger arms and the sculpted chest that will make you T-shirt ready like Tyson Beckford and Justin Theroux.

muscle T-shirt

Back yourself

It's the quickest way to build a V-shape, T-shirt filling torso. Follow this workout for the benefits of building a bigger back.

Don't just focus on your biceps

Check out this tricep workout, it's brutal, but you can do it anywhere.

Empty space in your shirtsleeves?

Here's what stopping you – You need to work your upper back. And your core. And your glutes. (Yes, butthead, your glutes.)

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