The Best T-shirt for your Body

Four everyday struggles and the T-shirt to solve (or hide) them

Words: Buntu Ngcuka 

T-shirts can be a tricky business. With all the graphics, different types of necklines, sleeve lengths and sizes at your disposal, finding your signature style – and one that suits your body – can be a difficult process. Some silhouettes come with their cons, some don't look flattering on anyone at all, while others should be considered a danger zone.

We've pointed out four common problems the average dude goes through, and then highlighted the best tee to solve (and in some cases, hide) that problem. Here's how to complete your stylish winter look with a touch of timeless laid-back appeal.

Are you selling yourself short(er) by following trends?

t-shirts for short men

Then let the taller folks have all the fun with longline T-shirts. Because of their oversized silhouette, they can overwhelm you, making you look out of proportion, with a super long torso and stumpy legs. If you insist on going in on the trend, then combine the extended T-shirt with cropped pants and outerwear that ends at your waist with ribbing, like a bomber or track top.

Are you wearing a T-shirt that's a size too small?

t-shirts for muscle men

If you're a regular at the gym and your sleeve ends anywhere above the middle of your bicep, you probably are. It's an understandable mistake to make – after all, you've worked hard for your body and you're well in your rights to show it off. The one T-shirt style that'll flatter your muscular body and add meaningful change to your wardrobe is the long-sleeved tee. Wear one under a denim jacket and top it off with a puffer.

V-neck tees exposing your collar bones?

t-shirts for skinny men

The quintessential, always-classic, perfect-for-everyone T-shirt is the crew neck. V-necks had their moment when obnoxious belt buckles and bootleg jeans were a thing, but we've moved on and we know better. Sort of. The ideal tee has a regular round neckline, a length that ends just below your belt, has a slim-fit and the sleeves end mid-bicep. A plain tee will give you more mileage and you can dress it up with jeans and a blazer or wear it on your downtime, but if you're looking to say something with your chest, go for graphic.

Have regrettable tattoos or body hair you want to hide?

t-shirts for tattooed men

Long-sleeve T-shirts aren't just for skaters and Nickelback fans. They can also make up a valuable part of your wardrobe as the temperature drops. A long-sleeved polo is the ideal way to upstyle your look as well as cover up your arms. It's made from knitted fabric, so it won't stretch or look thin and flimsy when you wear it and it's a step up from the tees you bench press in.

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