This is how you rock a T-shirt

As shown by Tyler, The Creator

Tyler's wearing a variation of the same outfit you've worn for your last 20-something summers, and are likely to spend all of this summer in, too. That's shorts, sneakers and, yes, a T-shirt. So why is he able to perform on stage in this and your getup gets you barred from the drinks spot for not being appropriately dressed?

It's all about the fit.

Tyler, The Creator

While his shorts are short, hitting just above the knee so that his handpokes are on full display, and the sneakers are a statement silver, it's the T-shirt that does the heavy lifting.

It's not just the prints we're going back to the 90s for, but the fits too. Longer and boxier than the average Tee, the oversized T-shirt is cut wide and square so that when it comes to styling the key is to create a contrast with whatever you're wearing on your bottom half. Skinny jeans would work just as well as Tyler's short black shorts do.

What else? When you stand head-and-shoulders above the rest of the guys in the room, you want to size up for your height without drowning your skinny frame in billowing fabric. This square cut does the job well, and is great for layering, so you could put a scooped hem long-sleeve longline underneath for a big style moment, perhaps in a pop of colour? (Read this piece on why your next T-shirt should be a longline).

Then considering Tyler's energetic stage show, a T-shirt made for moving makes sense. The extra room allows wild movement and the white won't show armpit sweat like grey would. Meanwhile the classic crew collar is timeless and works well with Tyler's slight build, creating the appearance of squarer shoulders. (Here's how to look jacked in a T-shirt).

Lastly, look at how Tyler's accessorised to make the simple outfit more than the sum of its parts. There's the gold chain, the dress watch, the dad cap… the type of detail that will elevate a simple three-piece outfit into something fit for a rock star.

* Photograph by Duran Levinson at Melt Festival
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