Degrees of gifting difficulty

What to get those hard-to-gift people

If you’re anything like us, December brings with it an air of anxiety. Even with the ample opportunities to unwind, relax and enjoy the summer sun, there’ll always be reminders of the looming obligations. Whether you’re visiting family, going on holiday with a group of friends or just making an appearance at the end-of-year office party, you’re almost certain to find yourself socially expected to find a gift for someone, and as luck would always have it, you’re stuck with someone you’re certain is impossible to find a gift for.

It’s a position no one wants to be in, but once the expectation is upon you, and the only thing left to do is shop. To aid you in your duties, we’ve taken years of awkward-gift-exchange experience to list a few of those hard-to-gift recipients, scaled to difficulty, and the ideal solutions to your woes, in advance enough for you get sorted before the season rush. If all else fails, you could just always just stick to a gift voucher.


digital watch

Easy: The fussy sibling 

While they’re definitely considered the easiest person on this list to find a present for, that’s primarily down to knowing more about them than the others. The stakes are still high, however, as a family member is far more likely to passively-aggressively let you know when a gift disappoints. Opt for something small they can incorporate into their style that doesn’t say “You’re not fashionable, but with this, you will be!”

You can’t go wrong with a watch, and an on-trend Casio should be within budget while still keeping up the appearance that you’ve made an effort. Plus, you can make a dad joke about being on time, so everybody wins.



Novice: The colleague

Picture the scene: that colleague you’ve been small-talking with for the entire year has decided to take this friendship to the next level without you knowing, and brags that they’ve got the perfect gift to give you at the office party. Initially you’re surprised, then filled with dread as you realise you need to find something for someone you know almost nothing about.

Worry not, you’ll most likely be safe by sticking with functionality. We recommend a pair of earbuds or headphones, because firstly, people always need more of these and second, they’re not so personal as to suggest you agree to this exchange happening more than once.


pizza float

Intermediate: The mystery target 

Whatever the context, almost all of us have been dragged into a Secret Santa situation, where you’re finding a gift suitable for a specific person or a group of people with a defined price range. It almost always involves a last-minute rush because what you thought would be an easy gift to shop for has become a whole mess of overthinking. You also start to realise that the awful throwaway gift you’ll be receiving is almost certainly not worth the amount of effort you’re going through.

We’re here to keep the effort to a minimum, not only by offering to deliver to your door, but also with a solution that ties together two of everyone’s favourite things: pizza and summer! This pool float is fool-proof, and ready to make them hungry at the beach or pool right out the box (yes, it require blowing up, but that’s their problem).


drinks set

Nightmare: The in-laws 

Regardless of whether you’re actually married or not, finding the right gift for a significant other’s parents is a daunting prospect. Not only do you have their incredibly high expectations to take into consideration, but your level of success will also say a lot to the person who’s the reason for you being there.

Any other time of the year you could just get away an overpriced bottle of wine, but the occasion of the holidays means you’ll need to step up your game. Stick with the theme of food and drink, parents love that stuff. Our contender would be this stylish cold-brew coffee set. Featuring two mason jars, a 2-litre clip jar and the tools you need to make this summer's beverage, it not only looks great as a decorative piece but lets the lucky giftees know your life is together enough to be buying this sort of thing.

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