Year-end office party looks

Your final chance to make a lasting impression on your colleagues

Words: Nabeel Allie

Jason Derulo once said, “End-of-year office parties are the best example of the phrase, ‘It’s not how your start, it’s how you finish’” when he performed the Super Bowl halftime show in 1967. Naturally, the crowd went wild. If you complement the mundanity of a repetitive work schedule with simple outfits, or spruce up the workplace with flair-filled or thought-through outfits, your end-of-year office party should stand out as the final fashion festival for you. Whether you’ve got a crush on a colleague who you share your teaspoon with when they make coffee because the kitchen only has forks for some reason, or you’re simply looking to make a big statement before heading off on holiday, we’ve got the low-down on how to drop all of the looks as well as the best tip for men when you step into the building.

Jumpsuits for life

Slinky Kimono Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are simply a summer must-have. They keep you cool and deliver an elegant aesthetic, and are ideal for as many locations as you can think of – whether you hit up the beach when the party gets dry, or if you’re losing track of time with colleagues on the balcony. Jumpsuits are light against your skin and allow you to add your own personal touch with the shoe style of your choice: We’d recommend less busy, even-toned block heels, strappy sandals, or even a pair of Bold Stan Smiths allow you to change your look instantly. Add an urban touch to a regal look, with sneakers, or flourish in your heels with a matching scarf. If you’re eyeing out a floral jumpsuit, remember that a light, even-toned scarf is your best accessory!

Timeless dresses

Scuba Fit Flare Dress

Summer and dresses go together like Barack Obama and Joe Biden – a combination that brings joy and seems as though it’s always been with us – and just like the world’s favourite political couple, dresses drop mics. In warm weather, a dress is an ideal option to stay cool while serving looks with your own added aesthetic. Throwback to the 90s, an era making a comeback with an ever-increasing frequency, with a denim dress  paired with a fresh pair of sneakers. If you’re feeling extra, or feel as though this party is the time to come through with your annual extra outfit, do yourself a favour and pick up a velvet dress and pair it with metallic shoes. And if the time and place calls for it – even if it doesn’t, actually – go all in with a split-leg dress with heels, because you deserve at least one work event to let everyone know what you’re really about. 

Cool and casual

Core Slim Cargo Lite Pants

While your colleagues are styling, you’re keeping it cool at a table with people you don’t get to hang out with much during office hours, laughing about how the water-cooler water is actually tap water. Even though you’re keeping it low-key, your fashion know-how is still on show. Opt for a pair of chinos with the cuff rolled up or cargo chinos for a strong pants option. The benefit of these is that it can feed off your shoe option: it’s the office party, so of course you need a fresh pair of kicks. The comfort of Asics’ Gel sneakers is second to none, and they’re not as boisterous as Tubulars or Air Max 97s, making them the ideal for a cool look. All that’s left for you to do is pair them with a good pair of socks – sorry, your ankles aren’t that nice.  

Suit up, my dude

Oslo Cropped Trouser

The most important part of men’s formalwear, unequivocally, is pants. A well-fitting pair of pants is the difference between rumours being spread that you’re the suave king or that you rented a suit just for this party – and we’re certain that you’d rather be the former. You see, many formal looks are overdone. A white shirt with a skinny black tie? Please. A tie? Come on, it’s summer, my dude! Tapered pants with a matching blazer, a streetwear sock choice, a white T-shirt or polo shirt and a pair of derby shoes oozes style, while allowing you to add your own touch instead of choosing from options the next Tom, Dick and Harry are also eyeing out.

PS: Remember not to be a frikkin’ creep.

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