At Home With Hemingway

Raise a Mojito to Papa Hemingway inspired patios and outdoor spaces

Hemingway at home

Photography: Inge Prins | Styling: Charl Edwards

It’s a concrete jungle out there, which is why it's so important to bring lush, tropical scenes into your home, in order to create a space that's alive with texture, colour and, most importantly, life.

Doffing our Panama hats to a man of sparse sentences and rich interior design, Ernest Hemingway's home truths will make your home a much more interesting and inspiring sanctuary.

Colourful prints, verdant plant life and look-and-then-touch natural texture culminates in jungle-inspired home décor that: brings the outdoors in, makes outdoor spaces more liveable and, our personal favourite for the season, transforms those indoor-outdoor spaces into places you'll never want to leave.

Use the tips below to create your very own slice of Havana, Marrakech, Zanzibar, Ibiza or wherever you want to be transported to when stay-cationing. 

Home comforts 

Hemingway inspired cushions

After sleeping rough in the bush or too much time at sea, Hemingway would return to his beautifully furnished homes to recharge and refresh. Create chilled out areas using scatter cushions and throws that will add colour, comfort and visual interest to your space.

Light the way

Hemingway inspired lighting

When your walls are painted in a palette of soothing hues it makes the home feel cooler and brighter. While nothing beats natural light, especially when throwing shadows from your potplants’ leaves, warm light at night will make your space come alive. The clincher? Rattan shades are as visually appealing during the day as they are when switched on at night. 


Hemingway inspired rugs

Bold rugs and mats in chevrons, stripes and geometric patterns inject a sense of fun into a space. Not only will a rug really tie the room together, it's also a great way to demarcate areas and add warmth to tiled and paved surfaces. Far kinder than a spreadeagled zebra, you can regale guests with how you hunted your prized trophy in our sale section.

The small things

Hemingway inspired decor accessories

A great traveller, voracious reader and embedded in numerous art cliques, Ernest Hemingway’s homes were filled to the brim with books, art, and keepsakes from his travels. Keep mementos from your adventures alongside souvenirs and less sentimental, yet highly functional, décor accessories, like: mirrors, baskets and vases. By using fruit as a décor item you’ll interact with your home decor more, while getting your recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals, too.

Healthy appetite

Hemingway kitchen

Papa was as famous for his love of drink and healthy appetite as he was his words. Whether tapas in Spain before a bullfight or daiquiri’s used to beat the Florida heat, Hemingway was a bon vivant of the highest order. Add drama to your alfresco meals with gold cutlery, mismatched platters and remember to wipe the food out of your beard with pom pom napkins.

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