The Black Friday Showdown

Get ready for Superbalist’s 4 day mega-sale

Black Friday

Phone charged, wifi on, tabs open: get ready to shop! 

The Superbalist Showdown is our biggest sale ever, and this year we’re giving you more chances to score. From 24–27 November we’ll be celebrating with our biggest discounts ever on Black Friday, Payday Party Saturday, Afterparty Sunday and Cyber Monday. 

Trust us, when deals turn dark, friends are few, so shop smart to score some of the 15000 items before everyone else does. 

So how exactly does one “shop smart”? 

We’ve come up with a list of tips so that you’re properly prepared to check in and check out. Here’s how to Get. It. All.

Start early

Sign up for our early bird mailing list on superbalist.com/showdown so you can be the first in the know on BF (we’ll mail you between midnight and 5 am).

Join the FB event

Join the SHOWDOWN event on FB so you can be the first to hear about any BF info. Keep an eye on this page during the day too because we’ll be giving away prizes throughout Black Friday.

Be social

Follow us on all our channels for exclusive Black Friday tips presented by Mihlali Ndamase, find out what’s on her wishlist, see how big our discounts will get and enter a special competition.

Use a wishlist

A wishlist is your battle strategy for the big day. Line up the pieces you like best, and prepare to take them right to checkout when the time comes.

Build your wishlist now so you're prepared on the day (it’s going to be carnage so you don’t want to be browsing when half of SA is also online and trying to cart-jack you. Build that cart and gtfo.)

Buddy up

With offers dropping around the clock and a whole lot to check out, it’s normal to feel like you can’t do this alone. Get your team together – best friends and moms are our recommendations to join the lineup – and have a pre-game chat about what you’re looking for. If you lose signal, they’ve already added to cart, and if you accidentally sleep on a discount, they’re already on that. Excellent two-for-one deal? Split it! Just remember that if they’ve got your back finding the ideal summer accessory, you’ve got to be ready to have theirs when sneakers are selling out fast in their size.

Don't worry, be appy

If you haven’t downloaded the app, now’s the time. Not only will you get that sweet 25% off discount when you make your first ever app purchase, but you’ll also be in position to make the most of a big deal, wherever you are when it drops.

Push it good

You’re already signed up for emails, right? Make sure you have push notifications enabled on your phone so that the week’s surprise offers don’t pass you by.

Dare to wait(list)

Missed out on your size? Is the piece you’ve been eyeing in someone else’s cart? Hope’s not lost – this is just where the Waitlist function comes in. Waitlist that baby and keep your eye on the prize: when that notification slides into your inbox to let you know that you’re first in line again, you’ve only got a few minutes to make it yours.

Or hurry it up

When it comes to the day itself, check out all our delivery options and opt for same-day or nominated weekend delivery if you can’t wait to stunt in your latest gear.

Spend wisely

Have Beyoncé’s surprise album drops taught you nothing? When that good promo drops, you need to be ready. If you’re planning your first ever Snapscan purchase, get in a practise round first – and have backup options for those inopportune moments when your bank is suddenly offline while the sneakers of your dreams sit in your cart.

Sorted? Good. Click through and get going.

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