In Your Dreams

Four bedrooms for four different stages of your life

4 Bedroom Archetypes

Words: Jabulile Dlamini-Qwesha | Photography: Seth Zworestine| Styling: Charl Edwards

Your bedroom is unquestionably the most personal and intimate space in your home. In as much as you might want it to be a display case for precious mementoes and valuables, you need it to reflect your tastes while serving the real purpose of being a peaceful escape from the world – and all its stresses.

And so, naturally, how you choose to style your hideout says a lot about your personal style and character – which also, unsurprisingly, say everything we might need to know about where you are in your life.

Whatever your décor style, if your picks are to speak volumes about your journey and personhood, let them be a true reflection…

Young and in transit…

colourful bedroom

Whether you’re rushing between lectures or off on exchange programmes around the world, your lifestyle is anything but fixed.

Decor focus: “Just the essentials please.”

Address: Honestly? You probably still live with your parents and, while your bedroom is personalised, your simple approach to styling might be because you haven’t fully owned the space. If you're not living with family, this is probably not an address you’ll be keeping for long.

The nifty picks: The storage items that also spruce up the room – the small baskets equal books or shoe storage, the white bathroom rail where you can keep throws and towels and the light blue cupboard and table that give as much in practical use as they do in prettiness.

Gets extra points for… getting creative with the print and colour clashes that add needed dimension to an otherwise bare room.

Getting there soon…

nautical bedroom

This could be your first home outside of your parent’s home, but nowhere near the journey's end.

Decor focus: Straight lines and neutrals.

Address: A digs, a res or another shared arrangement in the inner city.

The nifty picks: The clothes rail! It’s underrated as an outfit organiser, but a convenient way to prep your week’s ensembles, so just pick up and go. The red lamp livens up an otherwise basic room, but it’s such a non-committal piece that it can be swapped with a different item at will.

Gets extra points for…. Being clever with the seating. Considering that this bedroom might be in a communal space, you might want some extra privacy when you have guests. And having “randoms” sitting on your bed is not a vibe, so the ottoman, bean bag and chair can be as useful, yet not as invasive as a couch (or take up as much space).

Are we there yet?

geometric bedroom

You've finally moved in together, and plan for it to stay that way for a while? "Should we get a cat? Let's get a cat!"  Fortunately you'll both agree on the best breed as you’re both systematic in nature and have a set and matching routine to your lifestyle. 

Decor focus: Neat shapes with slight and strategic varieties.

Address: A spacious one-bedroom apartment in an "up-and-coming" area.

The nifty picks: While serving as stunning storage items, the woven baskets set off the wood on the furniture and add warmth to a room that could have felt clinical, and the rugs are a great way to separate the different sections. (Let’s just recognise the clothing and bathroom rails as key objects, at this point and keep it moving. Thnx.)

Get extra points for… the cosy pyjama lounge where you'll presumably have daily catch-ups, over herbal tea, before bed.

We have arrived…

all white bedroom

LOL, no, we never actually “arrive” – life doesn’t work that way. But it is a nice thing to say when you are settled and living your best possible life (at that time).

Decor focus: Freshness with a spark.

Address: Have you ever seen those completely overhauled and renovated homes in the ‘burbs? The ones with good bones, where by taking down walls and opening up boxy little rooms, and then adding modern materials while keeping the heritage of the place in tact? Yes, one of those.

The nifty picks: The geometric white lamp that somehow completes the mood of this room.

Get extra points for… flawless monochromatic texture grading. That and doing it on your own after things didn't work out in the place you shared with your S/O. Of course you kept the cat. 

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