Currently Coveting: Emilia Carver Chair

The next best thing to a money-green leather sofa

Emilia Carver Chair

If there’s one bit of advice to heed when it comes to styling your home’s aesthetic, it’s this: create focal points. If it’s your first apartment, a new home in which to start from scratch or even a haphazardly-decorated digs, a well-curated nook or corner can make it seem like you’ve got your life together and even missed a calling as an interior decorator.

This Art Deco-inspired chair is the ideal piece to give a living room or bedroom an update without completely altering the established vibe you’ve worked so hard to build. It comes in the colour of the season, great for complementing any plant life you happen to have lying around, while the oak legs make it easy to match with your other furniture favourites.

Whether you’re aiming to add a new aspect to your bedroom or just reworking elements of your living area, pair it with a quaint side table, and get bonus points if you can add some shrubbery in a vase to match the chair. If you’re committed to the relaxation life, double down on your chill den by adding another chair and a coffee table, on which to place your many leather-bound books, and make sure to cross your legs and look sophisticated during any time you spend there.

A duo of these works just as well in a addition to your couch in the living room, when there’s too many bodies and not enough seats. Don’t neglect the possibility of a set of them surrounding your dining table for the ultimate retro-inspired setup during mealtime. It’s versatile enough to complement multiple aesthetics and tones, so there’s no reason to go without one for a moment longer.

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