How To Win At Wishlisting

Four ways to increase your shopping efficiency

Four ways to increase your shopping efficiency

We’ve all been there: you’ve got your eye on a pair of shoes – not just any old pair but the pair – and there’s conflict afoot. Your bad conscience is as brash as ever, demanding you click "buy" and be done with it. Your good conscience, on the other hand, is here to let practicality get in the way of your happiness, piping in with weak excuses like “you’re too broke”, “you bought shoes last week” or “you have a cat to feed”.

For the uninitiated, you can add specific items to your Wishlist by clicking the “Add To Wishlist” button, right next to “Add To Cart”, when looking at a product. Once added, you can browse your handily-assembled selection by clicking “Wishlist” at the top right corner of your screen, located near the “Cart” button.

So if you’re struggling to decide on whether or not to buy something, contemplating which must-haves you absolutely must have or need a convenient way to list some things you’d like for your birthday, the Wishlist feature is just what you've been looking for.

Keep it close: Using your Wishlist to beat the rush

Not only does it work as a good place to store and serve as a record of those pieces you hope to one day treasure, but it makes them easily accessible for those times when adding to cart is the only option. When there’s a sale on, you can swiftly head to the collection of items you hope to not go without for even a day longer, and check to see if they’re discounted. When payday strikes, you can rid yourself of that pesky money by shopping through your must-haves.

Keep it collected: How your Wishlist makes gifting simple

If you’re tactical about it all, you could curate an ideal selection of your favourite pieces and wait until your birthday (or the holiday season, or when mom is in a really good mood). Then simply share your Wishlist with the most consistent gift-givers in your life and enjoy never unwrapping a bad present again. You could also be on the charitable end of this transaction, and use your Wishlist as a planner for all the occasions and people that require (read: deserve) something special from an ultimate gifter like yourself.

Keep it creative: Why you’ll want to plan your wardrobe with your Wishlist

Speaking of planning, your Wishlist is the ideal place to get styling ahead of time. Whether you’ve got a new job lined up and you need a wardrobe refresh or there’s a holiday on the horizon where you wouldn’t be caught dead in your day-to-day clothes, you can use the Wishlist to organise looks until you’re ready to make the purchase. Plan day-to-night looks, moodboard colour combinations, bundle trends together, and just wait for payday to creep ever closer.

Keep it curated: Using your Wishlist to comparison shop

One of the questions you’ll regularly ask yourself shopping online is whether one item is really better than another, quite similar item. Here’s where you can use your Wishlist for some comparative shopping. Throw a few of the pieces you’re liking in there, and continue browsing in the knowledge that you can always refer back to compare prices, trends, cuts and whatever else to help you make the right decision. This way you avoid impulse buys by mulling over which option is worth it, and you’ve got all the info at hand until you’re ready to crown the winner.

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