Meet Lindo Ngubelanga

What Women's Month means to a mother focussed on raising her little man

Photography: Neo Baepi

As a single mom to a son, Lindo Ngubelanga says that it's her duty to raise the type of man the world needs right now, and so all that she can do is teach him. “The way we teach boys is still different to the way we teach girls. We should be teaching boys that everything boys can do, girls can do, too.”

So what else does Lindo want for Women's Month? You can read more after the jump...

What do you think of when you think of Women’s Day?

I think of the Women’s March. I also think, “Why is it one day?”. And then, I also think about my mom. I think about how much she had to go through to get us where we are now.

What do you want to make sure that every little girl knows?

That anything boys can do, they can do as well. I try to be inclusive, because I only have two nieces and like, 5000 nephews… So, from the way we grew up, where it’s always been, “No, boys do this and girls do that,” my siblings and I are very inclusive of the girls. Like, “Play with the girls.” “Play with the boys.” “Do whatever you want to do, and there’s nothing wrong with that.” Like, “Be yourself.”

How have attitudes to women changed since you were a little girl?

My attitude has changed since I was a little girl. It’s hard to assert yourself as a human amongst a sea of men, but I always say I play to my strengths. My son’s father’s mom says, “You don’t talk to men about children, because they don’t know anything about children.” I told her that my son is my first child, and also his father’s first child, so going into this, I knew as much as he knew. She would say, “Rather speak to me, because children are a woman thing,” and she got quite upset when I told her, “Let’s all participate in the parenting of this child.”

Can men help women to achieve equality?

Men can help women to achieve equality by recognising that women are capable. By not limiting women to, “Oh, you’re so pretty.” Behind that pretty, there’s a brain. So let’s all be engaging intellectually, because there’s more to a girl than a vagina and breastesses.

All I want for Women’s Day is…

Love. I know that’s cheesy, but I really do. And I want it to be an everyday thing. Women are women 365 days a year, not just on the 9th of August.

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