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Six ways to turn your home into a botanical haven

Forest Trend

Words: Rosie Goddard | Photography: Inge Prins | Styling: Charl Edwards

With cold weather on its way, evenings in with a good book and hot water bottle seem all the more necessary. The natural world provides solace in summer, but that doesn’t mean we have to look elsewhere when crisp evenings set in for the long haul. Take your cues from tropical tones, lush foliage, enveloping textures and woven fabrics when creating a sanctuary to hide away in for the winter.

And breathe

Forest decor trend

One of nature’s primary benefits is its ability to soothe. Away from the distractions of big city life, you regain a sense of calm that lost itself to morning traffic, late nights and social media. Try and recreate this sense of peace in your space by turning it into somewhere as soft and inviting as possible. It’s all in your wabi-sabi approach to decorating: nothing should look too perfect, or like it has ‘a place’.

Go green

Forest decor trend

Bringing the outdoors in starts with hues and textures inspired by the world around us – sky blue, foliage green, wood and earthy tones. Take a maximalist approach and turn your space into a tropical utopia, or, tone it down with accent pieces: a plant or two here, a cushion there. Velvet is ideal as it adds a sumptuous layer to some of the more organic pieces like woven baskets.

All grown up

Forest decor trend

Forget about the expensive wallpaper you’ve been Pinteresting, and create a vertical garden that can come with you when you move home. Plant-inspired prints, hanging baskets with cascading succulents and floating shelves featuring vases of foraged fronds are guaranteed to put you in the best mood as soon as you walk through the door. Bring out your inner botanist and create a wall that’s overloaded with green.

Flora fantastic

Forest decor trend

There are no limits to the wonders of the floral kingdom, whether you consider the golden ratio, or the astounding flowers that get discovered deep in the rainforest each year. Incorporate this beauty into your space by mixing and matching cushions featuring lush fabrics prints that take their inspiration from plants.

Weave it to me

Forest decor trend

Homespun pieces are a favourite this season, and they bring an authentic element to the room that can’t be recreated by prints or cushions. Baskets and rugs are touchable, tactile elements that add to the general cosiness of a space, filling corners and empty floor space.

The wild card

Forest decor trend

Offset the raw fibres and luscious foliage of the trend with bold brass and copper accents. They’re unexpected, but lend a little opulence to a natural aesthetic while enhancing colours like blue or green.

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