5 Fashion Qs: Gabrielle Kannemeyer

Meet the super stylist to the stars and sometimes Superbalist collaborator

Gabrielle Kannemeyer “dresses grown-ass people for a living”. When you consider that those grown-ass people are the likes of Spoek Mathambo, Petite Noir, Bateleur and a host of other creatives whom Gabi collaborates with to help them to achieve their vision, it makes sense that adidas Originals chose her as their Creative Director for Area 3. The pop up studio allows young creatives the opportunity and resources to create under the guidance of mentors like Gabi, whose heart is set on uplifting others and passing on the knowledge she’s had to fight for.

Because Gabi’s the most we only had time to ask five quick questions, read on after the jump.

5 Fashion Qs: Gabrielle Kannemeyer

What does fashion need more of and why?

I'll answer this from a local context as it's my focus. There are many different roles within and aspects of the fashion industry in South Africa that sorely needs to see change.

The issues are layered. They range from needing to revive our textile industry, the lack of access by many into the industry, to us challenging the fact that we have very very few independent publications for us, by us. Our creative industry has immense monetary value, there are many viable careers to pursue within the industry, unfortunately there is a lack of education surrounding these options in spaces where people need it the most.

Who will change the face of fashion in the future?

It really is the responsibility of those who have power to empower and inform others and those who are learning the skills to create to change this industry.

Is fashion a viable career choice in South Africa?

There are many roles within the creative industry, there are many viable roles within fashion. Many of these roles need to see change and restructuring.

How do you rationalise making an expensive purchase?

I invest in experiences rather than things. The only expensive thing I've purchase was a PS4 and some games almost a year ago. Bought it on credit and am still paying off lol S/O Dionwired. I really want to travel so this is something I'm saving up for.

Where can true South African style be found?

What does true South African style mean?

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