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Your winter must-haves, by us for you


Words: Kira Gimpel | Images: Supplied

As the mornings and nights get a little chillier, those of us who are the self-professed fashion obsessed eagerly await the endless layering that comes with winter dressing. And we’re thrilled. Armed with an array of gorgeous coats, cosy knitwear and classic boots from which to choose, all ready to go, we turned to Superbalist HQ to let us know which items they consider the ultimate winter essential. Here’s what you can look forward to from our winter offering.

Kelly Fung - The Coat

“I can see you raise your brows in disbelief, but the reason is simple. We’re indoors for the most part, but when I do happen to go out, do I want to put on a whole new look just to take a quick stroll around the block and buy my milk? No. Do I still want to look like I know how to get dressed? Yes. For me, the easiest thing to achieve this fine balance is a fabulous, statement, cocoon-shaped coat that envelops my body with warmth, gives me instant style points when paired with hiker boots or sneakers and, most importantly, covers up the potentially overworn tracksuit that lies beneath in one swift act of layering. A woollen shin-length and slightly oversized coat in foolproof grey or camel is my pick this winter.”

Albe Brink - The Boot

Boot styles can last for many seasons – when you choose right. Consider the cowboy boot, ankle boot or knee-high boot, but if you’re looking for something a bit more “with it”, opt for the white boot, combat, slouch, snakeskin or hiking boot. No longer to only be seen on weekend hiking trails (remember those?), the hiking boot is an exciting addition to my wardrobe. It works perfectly with a feminine dress to toughen it up a little or an everyday denim-and-shirt combo.”

Kira Gimpel - The Knit

“This season, statement knits are chunky and colour blocked, often with a big rolled neck or frilled hem detail. Make sure you also look at the in-between knits: they’re super fine, ultra soft and light and provide many layering opportunities. Invest in some good polo necks, round or V-neck cropped jerseys and button-up cardigans for functionality and style. After trying out seven different knits for seven days, I’ll be looking to add a few more knitwear favourites to my ever-expanding collection.”

Akim Jardine - The Dress

“Remember what wearing anything that's not a sweatpant and hoodie feels like? We’ve prioritised dressing comfortably enough to live out every indoor activity, from rigorous dough-mixing to facing the dreaded, ‘Are you still watching?’ and all the video calls in between. Dresses are the answer to feeling as if you've dressed up with minimal effort, plus the casual freedom to throw hands at that ball of dough. And there’s no wrong way to wear them. My one piece of advice? Wear only what you can be free in. Voluminous shapes in mini and midi-lengths are a must-have. Bonus points for tiered silhouettes and playful prints. Gotta head out (quickly)? Let your dress do the work and pair it with a knee-high boot or sneaker – cute socks are encouraged – and whatever else you need to keep warm.”

Chris Viljoen - The Blouse

“Thanks to an increase in video calls, the blouse is becoming a key wardrobe staple when it comes to dressing from the top up. Embrace the power of femininity with romantic details: floral prints, soft fabrics, puffy sleeves and frills around the wrists. When considering colours, winter’s palette includes rust, mustard and emerald, alongside the neutral favourites. For a complete look, the blouse is the perfect companion to high-waist jeans, tucked into a pleated skirt or layered with a polo knit beneath.”

Keely-ann Barrett - The Trouser

“I'm most excited about the balloon, slouch trouser. Thanks to the relaxed, easy-leg shape, these trousers are incredibly versatile and can be dressed up or down. When it comes to basics, definitely the jogger and tregging/legging. They’re comfy and casual and have become my go-to on WFH days, paired with chunky knitwear or a hoodie. I’ll certainly be layering them with all my other winter favourites.”

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