Knit Picks

7 days, 7 ways to wear your knitwear heroes


Words + Images: Kira Gimpel

I haven't stopped talking about winter dressing since, well, last winter. Why? The desire to wear one look that combines all of my most-loved pieces at the same time makes me giddy. And so the scene was set: seven different knitwear styles (polo-necks, jerseys, the dreaded sweater-dress too, perhaps) over seven days, featuring mirror selfies and some solid styling hacks. Challenge accepted, armed with words of wisdom from the womenswear team and some of Superbalist's finest knits. 


I jump out of bed and pick the ochre-coloured cropped knit on top of the pile. Even though it’s more fitted in certain places, it’s quite slouchy overall, so in a bid to summon up some start-of-the-week seriousness, I put on a white shirt. Classic. Next, I play into the green tones with a pair of khaki cargo trousers and add some black strappy sandals, The result? An outfit that provides enough weather flexibility (if you live in a city that whips through four seasons in one day, you’ll understand), minus the fussiness. 

Verdict: Cropped knits are great for adding interest to the standard jeans-and-shirt combo. Also, comfy dressing on a Monday is a game-changer. Score.

mon tues


A late wake-up means I quickly choose my favourite of all the knits, minimum deliberation required. The super-soft striped number, which I shove on (initially backwards) looks great under a mid-length shift dress. With my top the right way around, platform Converse high-tops laced up and leather backpack in hand, I’m feeling fairly chuffed with my lightning-fast efficiency and more importantly, this outfit. Two days in and it’s smooth sailing.  

Verdict: Seamless success. I make a mental note to add this look to my in-a-hurry outfit folder. 


Maybe it's time to try something outside of my neutral-toned comfort zone? But as I stare at the hot-pink jersey waiting for me this Wednesday morning, I’m just not too sure how to go about it. Matchy-matchy it is! I pull out the only other two bits of pink in my wardrobe: my adidas Falcons and the tote bag with some hot pink on the illustration. Quite obviously still in need of pants, I go for fail-safe black jeans and am pleasantly surprised that I’m pulling off bright pink. And I might even like it? It’s comfortable, practical and doesn’t actually make me feel like the giant highlighter I thought I would.

Verdict: Hot pink is kind of... hot. Stepping outside of your comfort zone is less scary when paired with trusted silhouettes.  

wed thurs fri


Apparently the outfit-making part of my brain has decided to base an entire outfit around a singular, very specific headband. It’s obviously forgotten that the brief is knitwear. However, all is not lost when I find a V-neck cream sweater to support the aforementioned headband. It’s got a very chunky stitch and is a bit oversized, so not exactly posh, but almost playing pretend. Adding tailored trousers and patent black brogues, I feel like I could be roaming around the countryside somewhere... and who could be mad at that?

Verdict: If ever you have to wear the same thing for seven days, try a bit of dress-up to explore and experiment with fresh ensemble ideas.  


Hello weekend! Hello outfit that needs to first take me to work and then to drinks! I put on a long printed dress and my Chucks (they’re still new, and yes I’m still very much enjoying them). Already knowing the perfect pick, I quickly select a black chunky knit that will protect me from the freezing office aircon and any late Friday-night chill in the air. It’s got balloon sleeves and is full length, but I just tuck it under itself to let the dress shine a bit more. Once again, I'm pretty pleased with this easy outfit formula.

Verdict: Try rolling up the sleeves or folding up the hem, which might result in something wonderfully new. (I'd also love to know why the office aircon is still fighting summer...)

sat sun


Time to tackle the sweater dress. It’s something that's as intriguing as it is unfamiliar, so I’m not too sure where to begin with this one. The weather forecast makes it easier and gently whispers that I’ll need extra layers. I choose the well-suited cream polo-neck and add tights, black boots, and a belt, too, for a little bit of definition. I'm already dreaming up my next sweater-dress look.

Verdict: Sweater dresses are far too underrated. Not convinced? Try a sweater a couple of sizes up and you'll see. 10/10 recommend. 


With a sigh of relief, I plan my final knitwear outfit around today’s needs: groceries and writing. Those black jeans make a second appearance as co-star to a wide stripe knit and my go-to Birkenstocks. This look has just enough colour to perk up my Sunday and, thanks to its boxy shape, requires little else for a look that's not too shlumpy with the right amount of oomph. 

Verdict: I think I’m ready to put a pause on sweaters for a little while.

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