Let's Reboot

Your comprehensive boot guide for winter


Words: Daniël Geldenhuys | Images: Getty

Boots are having a moment in fashion and it’s not just because of the weather. The styles du jour are perfecting a balancing act between timeless minimalism and character-defining details. The ultimate goal is a pair of boots that, beyond being perfect for winter, can be worn come spring for an alluring contrast with your lighter outfits and then again the autumn after that. Let that sense of longevity, a key component of sustainability, be your guide when adding to cart. Fashion is living for a trio of silhouettes and design details: take your pick, mix and match and complete your winter reboot.

The Stomper

Introduce yourself to the chunky sneaker’s cooler younger cousin, the stomper boot. The chunkier, the better. If it looks like it’ll make an obnoxious level of noise on a wooden floor, the proportions are perfect. In an exaggerated minimalist world charged with The Matrix undertones and a love of leather, stompers are at the height of their power. Turn to chunky soles in classic black to offset feminine frills and add weight to a modern tomboy take.

The Knee High

Think a simple, structured knee-high. Possible add-ons include a hint of slouch, a sturdy heel and an animal print. Ironically, the biggest styling trend with these is to hide at least the top third of the boot under a long dress, skirt or wide trouser for a super-chic result. Of course, the ultimate versatility test is whether the silhouette pairs well with your favourite jeans. Yes? Then go for it wholeheartedly.

The Platform

Long or short but always high as can be, it’s an undeniable showpiece you can dress up or down. Turn to platforms to play off moody romantic dresses, opt for a silver metallic pair to electrify a more casual day look or add some rugged edge with a tough utilitarian pair. The common denominator throughout: platforms bring an elevated spirit to any style mood.

The Details

If you’re looking to up the tough factor, go for laces, exposed zips, buckles or all. The look is most effective when contrasted with the kind of soft elegant lines created by a maxi dress or coat. Taken a step further, considered jewellery on your boots? And do we really need a justification beyond the joy of donning something beautifully sculptural on our feet. This lineup of boots says, “No, not at all.” Ease into it with a chain, dainty or chunky, and sometimes with a little charm in the middle. Not that there’s a rulebook here.

The Square Toe

Applied to absolutely any silhouette, square toes offer a fresh take on the boot that's unmistakably 2020. Still, there’s a paired-back elegance to the look that’s bound to translate well into future seasons. Just keep one thing straight: the boots are square – you, never.

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