Your Style Tribe Festival Guide

5 festivals you'll want to attend, and what to wear to each of them

Words: Shannon Correia

As you know, Summer's on us, and part of the premium package that you're privy to is the following list of South African festivals that sets in motion a wave of music events that we'll ride into 2019. Thousands, and in some cases tens of thousands, are drawn to the festivals that celebrate the music that ignites their souls. While music speaks volumes about who you are, fashion is no different. In this guide, we discover the festivals to keep on your radar, take a closer look at the festival folk who attend each event and then help you to figure out what you should wear to each.

rocking the daisies

Rocking The Daisies, 5-7 October

Cloof Wine Estate, R315, Darling

Who's Playing: Mura Masa, 6black and Majid Jordan.

Who Goes: This is one of Cape Town's biggest festivals attracting free spirits in the form of hipsters and hippies alike. The classic festival set-up offers a diverse lineup of entertainers, a range of camping options and extra-curricular environmental activities. Festival goers can enjoy a culmination of the things they love: letting their hair down, doing good deeds for society and maintaining a sense of wellbeing with the morning yoga available.

What to Wear: The reference point for Daisies is Coachella style, though the fits are as diverse as the lineup. Capetonians will want to celebrate their official start of spring with summery looks – shorts, mini skirts and crops are all welcome. Fringing is always a win, as is anything crochet that alludes to a laid-back bohemian vibe. Guys have it easy with retro shirts or tanks and a hat. Glitter and creative hairstyles are key.

In the City

In The City, 7 October

Ellis Park and Emmarentia Dam, Johannesburg

Who's Playing: At Ellis Park, expect to see Mura Masa, 6black and Majid Jordan, while Sticky Fingers, Wolf Alice and Tom Greennan will be performing at Rock the Gardens.

Who Goes: In The City returns for another Joburg takeover with two events (technically three, but one is invite-only so ... ), for whichever musical stream you're inclined to follow. To put it simply, this is for all the city people who can't make it to Daisies, in streamlined events at lower rates, sans camping. The indie and alternative rockers can enjoy a day at the Dam, while the Hip-Hop and R&B-heads will head to the inner city wonderland.

What to Wear: Those at the Dam are sure to show off a lot of leg in summer outfits that range from an "I'm so chilled" vibe of floral and lose-fitting threads, to chic hippie styles, in the form of tie dye and summer dresses. The CBD crowd are likely to go for minimal retro looks, or cop streetwear for urban looks. The sneaker game will be strong and there will probably be a bandana on every third person.

endless daze

Endless Daze, 2-4 November

Silwerstroom Resort, Cape Town

Who's Playing: A Place To Bury Strangers, Dead Meadow, Witch

Who Goes: Endless Daze is a festival for those who love live alternative music. A relative newbie to the festival scene, it's a small-scale event set by the sea, with a host of international acts. You'll enjoy a curated experience with luxury camping options, foodie favourites from Neighbourgoods Market and alcohol options from craft beers to 2018s spirit of choice, gin. Endless Dazers care about the environment too, getting involved in organised beach clean-ups, balancing consciousness with fun.

What to Wear: The dress code is retro casual – a healthy doze of Vans, where skater meets neo-hippy. Your staple is denim; think black jeans and a denim jacket or shirt. Guys opt for simple Tshirts, while girls can be seen in anything from floral playsuits to crochet shirts. You may see some people walking around barefoot, but most in boots or sneakers. To complete the look, you'll need a hat and shades.

global citizen

Global Citizen Festival Mandela 100, 2 December

FNB Stadium, Johannesburg

Who's Playing: Ed Sheeran, Chris Martin, Beyoncé

Who Goes: A first in SA, this is the festival of all festivals that everyone will want to go to. The few who purchase tickets will be the ones with more FOMO than commas in their bank accounts, while the rest will have earned their spot by becoming global citizens through armchair activism tweets, petitions and letters all aimed at alleviating world poverty. It pays to do good and it isn't too late to get involved in the tasks that lead to potential tickets.

What to Wear: Dress will reflect the diversity on stage. In as much as fashion may not generally be the top priority of activists, this is Joburg after all, and when Beyoncé is a headliner, you're gonna want to look flawless. You're likely to don a statement piece, like a kimono or bodysuit, and a smart-casual look for the guys. Finish off the look by layering on the accessories (and watching a few makeup tutorials beforehand).


Afropunk, 30 December - 1 January

Constitution Hill, Johannesburg

Who's Playing: The Internet, Public Enemy, Dope Saint Jude

Who Goes: This community of care is back for a second instalment of NYE in Joburg. Afropunk is about the people, welcoming everyone to free their minds, enjoy the music and join in the movement. You'll find the free spirts here, moon kids and creatives here. Young and old will be in attendance, all vested in creating free, open spaces of acceptance, while celebrating mama Africa and her people. Afropunkers appreciate music from soulful rhythms to rock and punk.

What to Wear: Be yourself and be creative about it; these festival goers enjoy fashion and certainly play with it! Afropunk style is all about celebrating the beliefs and values of the movement, so find expressive ways to showcase yourself with authentic links to African heritage. This is the festival to go big, be it with prints, colour or celebrating your hair. Importantly, wear shoes that'll survive being drenched in mud. Monotone looks, turbans and colour lippie's are key.

Whether you're into hip-hop, rock or the genre simply cast as 'alternative,' there is a festival that'll celebrate who you are through what you love ... and you're invited to join in the festivities, expressing just that.

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