Get ready for Beardyman, Mac Miller, and Foster the People

The last night of the Superbalist is In The City Weekend is also technically the first: the concert day existed before the AND Liftoff party or the Braam Beach Party did. Fans can look forward to a bigger and better event this year at Emmarentia Dam, with a line-up you won't find anywhere else:

Beardyman's performances are unconventional, to say the least – picture a live looping beatboxer with surprising vocal skills who interrupts his own sets to tell jokes. His unique offering has been well received at festivals across the UK as his sound is built and mastered for unbeatable and unrepeatable live performances.

Next is the guy who's coming up on his 10th anniversary in the hip-hop industry: Malcolm James McCormick, known to some as producer Larry Fisherman and known to a few more as rapper Mac Miller. The Divine Feminine, the brand new album with 'Dang!' as its lead single is expected to be an evolved version of the eclectic, introspective sounds of Faces and GO:OD AM. With the album launching a mere two weeks ahead of SxITC 2016, no one's sure how much of The Divine Feminine we'll hear, but our fingers are crossed for a debut at his live performances.

And finally, by popular demand, American folk-pop band Foster the People will headline Sunday's concert. Expect hits from their Grammy-nominated album Torches – including 'Helena Beat', 'Don’t Stop (Color on the Walls)', and yes, 'Pumped Up Kicks' – and its acclaimed follow-up, Supermodel.

Press play to get to know the main stage, and we'll see you at the dam.