Gifting The Glamour Girl

The "extra" girl in your life deserves to be gifted the following extras

the extra girl

For this girl, if it's not making a statement she’s not here for it. This is the girl who never misses the chance to flex her style, and will easily be dressed to the nines by 9am everyday – no days off. Her version of dressed up isn't your regular version of dressed up, though. She’s not afraid to experiment with trends and texture so this means lots of fur, glitter, highlighter, patent leather, etc.

She wears sunglasses that look hella pricey but could either be designer dupes or actual Celines – it’s hard to ever really tell. Many may coin her the “extra girl” and mock her preoccupation with dressing up, but we all know it's secretly cause we admire her dedication to style. She may not have her entire life together but at least her wardrobe is. Think Carrie Bradshaw Sex and the City wardrobe meets Fashionova thotwear.

Her love for dressing to the 9s doesn’t mean she doesn't appreciate fitness and functionality though. This girl makes sure she keeps her body looking snatched so gifting her super a fashionable Fitbit or a pair of sneakers could never go wrong.

This girl fancies herself a bit of a social butterfly – she always manages to get you and all your friends in the VIP section making sure champagne bottles are continuously flowing. Hence you could never go wrong getting this self-proclaimed socialite statement dresses or accessories.

As much as she loves living it up and hitting the party circuit she also loves her home, which she takes just as much pride in as her appearance. Therefore, look to gift her statement home accents for her urban oasis.

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