Rise to the Occassion

Fashion girl Gina Jeanz lets us in on her summer style

Calendar Girl

Words: Jabulile Dlamini-Qwesha | Photography: Luke Kuisis | Styling: Mandy Nash

The weather is warm and so your social calendar is starting to get packed up with this engagement or the other. Some are in honour of momentous occasions and the others could be spontaneous acts of living your best life, whatever the case, the main requirement is that you look smashing at all times.

One thing that may prove more difficult than getting your large group of compadres and compadres’ compadres to arrive at a hangover brunch date on time is nailing summer season style beforehand; nothing kills a good vibe like worrying about your look with no solution on the horizon. Can you even confidently RSVP ‘yes’ to an invitation without having visualized what you might wear? A risk, a gamble.

In the spirit of sharing solutions, TWoU zoned in on model, music producer, illustrator, graphic designer and ever chic jetsetter Gina Jeanz’s summer style for some direction...

Gina Jeanz

Compartmentalizing and prioritizing is the easiest way to getting clarity on what you already have to work with in your wardrobe. “When it’s summer I pack my winter clothes away and vice versa. That way, I have more space and I can plan my outfits without the clutter."

"Planning my outfits for the week in advance when I can. This saves me time – especially when I have a busy week ahead.” says Gina. She also notes giving away old clothes to charity organizations and creating space for lasting statement pieces as another way of keeping your closet in check.

Gina Jeanz

And when it comes to hair, Gina loves to switch it up, but goes for playful curls in summer, “The weather can become so humid, so curls are great, I also keep it interesting by alternating between extensions and my natural afro.” she adds.

Gina Jeanz

Throw-on-and-go statement one pieces are underrated closet heroes when you have a busy calendar. “A bright-coloured jumpsuit is perfect because it’s effortless to pull off. You don’t necessarily have to over-accessorise and it’s ideal for days when you really don’t want to think about your outfit but want to stand out.”

Gina Jeanz

Keeping the occasions in mind so that your outfit choices are appropriate is important, “I keep my year-end function outfits semi-casual, more on the relaxed side of things and that means my makeup too, this gives me the opportunity to add to my outfit if I plan to head out that evening with the girls. For example, if I was wearing sneakers I could dress it up with a pair of heels and add to my makeup and I’m good to go. There are no rules, but I personally wouldn't wear a freakum dress to a year end function if you know what I mean.”

Gina Jeanz

And when it comes to weddings, Gina emphasizes not outshining the bride. “It’s her day, you don’t want to be that person”, she says. “Although, I still find wearing black to a wedding weird, so many people are overlooking old school taboos these days and giving their own personal twist on wedding attire and that is so refreshing to see.”

Gina Jeanz

And for those with travel plans, anticipating what you'll be in the mood to wear when you're away takes even more consideration. Gina says that doing a little research beforehand helps her decide on a travel wardrobe. “Traveling influences my style, I usually pack according to the place I’m going to visit. For instance, I love how everyone has their own take on fashion in New York, so that affects what I’ll take with me. On my Seychelles trip, I went for prints, off shoulder and wrap dresses and did denims, laid back oversized print tees and sunglasses in LA. I enjoy learning about different cultures and how they influence the fashion in a particular place and draw inspirational from the places I visit for future outfits.”

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