Gifting Mr Sauve and Stable

What to buy for a classic man with classic style

gifting your reliable friend

What to buy for a man who seems as though he could host Top Billing, or who has an aura of someone who’s been driving a sedan since he was eighteen?

He’s practical, although equally open to a touch of extravagance, and loves surprises as much as a thoughtful pair of socks. A brown leather-strapped watch from Fossil would be a wonderful addition to his blossoming collection of timeless accessories. A sleek black digital Casio watch makes for a great everyday option for him, and it complements an on-the-go aesthetic with ease. His wrist is never bare and he’s far too responsible to not know the time, regardless of the battery level of his phone. If your well-adjusted man doesn’t have a watch because his recently got damaged – through no fault of his own, of course – or you know that he’s been itching for an upgrade, this would bring a broad smile to his face.

When he’s not at work he’s exercising, or getting smoothies with friends from university or the office, and there’s no way he’s wearing chinos and Oxford shoes to that particular rendezvous. This is when a comfortable pair of sneakers becomes an ideal gift for him. New Balance’s 547 range uses luxurious suede and features styles that are easy to pair because of their rich colourways. They’d pair well with his undoubtedly steady collection of jeans. If you’re looking for less opulence, adidas Originals’ selection of sneakers or Converse’s latest One Star silhouette are cool choices too. Low-top designs, many colourways to choose from and an ideal match with anything from shorts to jeans and sweatpants, he’ll love it as he sips a fruit medley on a relaxed Sunday with friends.

Inasmuch as you can scratch your chin pondering on how best to spoil the man who had a DSTV subscription before you began paying for your own cellphone contract, you can never go wrong with the basics. Socks and underwear will always be a winner with him. If he’s into his athleisure, pick up trefoil-laden adidas Original sport socks or a sleek pack of three from Nike – or spoil him with a box set from his favourite brand, Happy Socks. Basicthread’s greyscale selection of boxers and Superdry’s striking options mean that you can spoil him with lavish prints or timeless colourways from our underwear department.

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