Create an Urban Oasis

How to take a holiday without leaving your house

create an outdoor oasis

Photography: Inge Prins | Styling: Charl Edwards

If you’re unfamiliar with the term staycation, perhaps it’s because you haven’t created the perfect oasis yet?

Instead of getting away from it all, why not dedicate a space in your home that becomes the very destination you retreat to? No it's not a mirage, The Way of Us has done just that, creating the perfect space to recharge and revitalise

Whether you’re working with a balcony, patio or some other sort of outside space, you’re encouraged to employ elements from your favourite retreats. Island resort? Then it’s beach chairs, towels and an umbrella. Want to simply lose yourself in a book? A cosy reading nook is all you need. Like to play host with the most? Create a space where you can grill, park your bar cart and play your mixes loud.

By creating the perfect outdoor living area you’ll not only be investing in your home, but improving your well being and making holidays a thing of the past. Because when your home is as inviting as this, why would you even want to go anywhere else?

Employ colour


We’ve spoken about the psychology of colour before, and the same colour theory applies to your home. Pictured is a soothing space using neutral colours and calming shades of blue, with brights and pastels injecting a sense of fun to lift the mood. In fact, accessories like scatter cushions and throws, towels, rugs and mats, partyware, pool accessories and even furniture will keep the eye travelling around a space, the pops of colour tricking you into thinking the space is much bigger than it really is. So use colourful accessories to create movement and depth.

Create zones


In the same way that your home has different rooms for different functions, your patio should have defined areas for dining, lounging, meditation etc. Arrange furniture, use plants, throw down rugs, invest in lighting and put up an umbrella. Each area can now be dedicated to the specific function it serves. 

Think about what you do here


Perhaps the most underrated but no less important part of any oasis is creating a safe space that has the ability to refresh and recharge. Whether you start your day sitting cross-legged on a cushion and listening to the sounds of the Kreepy-Krawley, or simply like to take your morning meals next to the pool as you watch the sun climb higher in the sky, whatever you need to do you, make sure that you do you. Remember what we said about colour – use soft colours to soothe, and then pay extra attention to how you’ve furnished the space as clutter and disorder will just stress you out.

Make it comfortable


Yep, being outdoors is great, but it's hardly ever as comfortable as it is inside your home. This is why we need to go out of our way in making our outdoor spaces as accommodating as possible. Think of this space as an extension of your home where you create a seamless transition from indoors to out. And then because they offer so much value, soft furnishings like rugs, blankets, throws and pillows are the best way to buy into trends. So update your space seasonally and don't be precious, take it outside and actually use your furniture for its intended purpose.

Bring in plants


We’ve already told you how the urban jungle trend is huge right now, with more millennials filling their homes with houseplants. For your outside spaces, choose plants that are low-maintenance and drought resistant, and while you’re at it do yourself a favour and pave over all grass. The point is to enjoy your garden, not spend your weekends maintaining it. Planter boxes are the best way to demarcate an area, and when filled with edible herbs like mint and a lemon tree, it not only adds to the aesthetic but you have crucial parts of a mojito at arms length. 

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