Dress to Impress

It's the little tweaks that make an outfit

The festive season means more spontaneous plans with the family. For instance, your brother’s soon-to-be in-laws have arranged a spur-of-the-moment dinner and even though they don’t know you, there’s no excuse not to look your best! We’ve got some options for you and your wallet so that you won’t be caught unaware when an impromptu family dinner comes around.


Your brother’s getting married and it’s time to meet the new family members who are coming over for dinner. Despite not being the sibling of interest, you won’t be caught without a slick outfit. Get your feet sorted with a fun sock option from our lively brands, which feature geometric designs as well as playful prints. Great for jovial gatherings, you’re certain to get a compliment and a chuckle from the new family too! Sneakers are a bit informal for this occasion so leave your kicks in the cupboard and keep it simple with a quick shoe update from basicthread. Choose from their Luke or Clifford silhouettes to complete your family-friendly look.


You’ve got a steady selection of pants, but keeping them up in style is what is most critical at this dinner. Timeless and always fashionable, a brown belt whispers elegance in a deep and melodic voice. Jack & Jones’ iteration, as well as their woven belt, would look great when looped through your pants’ hoops. If brown is not favourite for you, you can’t go wrong with a sleek black belt and Selected Homme’s effortless design would be a great option. Your outfit won’t be complete without a sleek shirt to tuck in though. Opt for an ageless denim button-up from Edwin, a Wild West-esque check option from Levi’s or a slim-fit choice from Jack & Jones. Leave your top button open in the warm weather and tuck in gently so that a bit of your shirt hangs over your belt for a top look. When you’re in an intimate setting such as meeting new family, it really is the little things that matter.

Splash out

You plan to look your best to aid your brother in making a good impression and that means a fresh scent and new pants, as well as a stylish timepiece if you intend to go the whole nine yards. Made with a timeless aesthetic, a watch from Chaps will add that elegant touch to your outfit. Alternatively, you can never go wrong with a classic Casio digital watch, which can round off a minimalist look with aplomb. Ideal for smart-casual evening events, a pair of chinos from Jack & Jones or Sergeant Pepper will elevate your aesthetic to a mature and sophisticated level. They provide a striking look when paired with a stylish shirt – don’t be caught at the table with jeans that you’d wear on a night out with your friends! Wearing cologne in an intimate food setting is a delicate affair so be sure not to use too much.

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