Post Breakup Bachelor Pad Essentials

Pick up these pieces while you “pick up the pieces”

Breakups are rough all round, whether you’re the dumper or “dumpee”, having emotional breakdowns and screaming matches about it or amicably and consciously uncoupling, the unpreventable messiness of it all can be draining.

Having to get it together and start over can be quite awful. It is inevitable – that “I couldn’t live without you” lie you told your ex was just that and you’re actually going to be just fine, so, you need to start somewhere. Filling in the gaps where your former lover might have even left your shared space with the cutlery is a good place. We’ve put together a list to help you turn a “heartbreak hotel” into a home.

Yoga Mat

Dealing with having been discarded in someone’s emotional spring clean can shake you to the core and finding your centre may just be the push you need to find yourself again. 

Speckled Coco Pot

The thing about heartbreak is that you’ll never be ready for how it affects your bodily functions – particularly your need to eat. In the case where you end up trying to fill the void your ex has left with food, you can use this as a bowl. And if your appetite also decided to vacate, you’ll have yourself a pretty little pot for a plant.

Eyelet Curtain

A stylish way to shut the world out, while you fall apart. Don’t you think?

Cotton Duvet Cover Set

Because nobody deserves to be curled up in foetal position moping about lost love in bedding that still smells of the runaway lover’s perfume. Think recovery!

Crunchy Laundry Bag

Airing your dirty laundry may sound like a good idea in the heat of a vulnerable moment – as most bad decisions do, but that’s never how you get it clean. So, use this laundry bag to pack it in and take it to the cleaners. (Yes, this goes for putting your ex on blast on the internet as well. It is not a good look.)

Tub Dish Rack

Your petty ex probably claimed the one you shared and now you’re forced to towel dry the dishes. You don’t have to suffer any longer.

Classic Collection Bowl

It’s been weeks since the breakup and them leaving with your crockery, there is no legitimate reason why you’re still eating cereal straight out of the box. 

Stanmore Bluetooth

You and your neighbours aren’t at the level of intimacy where they should be subjected to the sound of you sobbing over your ex. 

Gentleman Corkscrew

The trick you pulled in varsity where you used a fork to push the wine cork in isn’t quite the way to treat the case of wine your friends sent you as a heartbreak survival kit. And we all know that drinking is the only way you'll get through this. Cheers. 

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