The Mixtape Vol. 133

Friends With Benefits is a compilation of Markus Wormstorm’s favourite SA Electronic music. On vinyl.

Friends With Benefits is a compilation of the electronic music coming from South Africa pressed on vinyl. Side A featrues genres like Electro, Glitch Hop and Techno, while Side B has a Sunday afternoon easy-listening feel with Synth Wave, Ambient and Electronica. Markus Wormstorm plans to release a Friends With Benefits each year for the next three years, sticking to the above-mentioned formula.

The Artists Include Narch (PhFat), Markus Wormstorm (Sweat.X, The Real Estate Agents, Constructus), DJ CAVIAr (Sedge Warbler), Jason Barty, Buli, KUMODI and FRNGE. 

The Way of Us had a quick catchup with Markus, which you can read after the jump. 

We last featured you in our Monday Mixtape volume 47, Chimera Clockwork. What have you been up to since?

Well I had a baby, little Tommy Wormstorm, who has been keeping me busy. I’m traveling to south and central America a lot, as there's so much cool underground music happening over there. And I'm also developing a new live show.

Friends with Benefits is a vinyl release of your favourite SA Electronic music. Who's featured and what are the actual benefits of being friends with each of these artists?

Narch: His PhFat fame and his ability to write the dopest tracks in the world allows him to wear sunglasses inside, which reflects positively on you if you're tagging along.

DJ CAVIAr: He's good at mastering stuff. His company Fink mastered the record. Although he's only 25-years-old, he has this Grumpy-Centurian-Dad thing going on, which keeps people in check.

Buli: His simplistic use of sine waves will sooth your tumultuous heart. Also, his unashamed enthusiasm for pineapple on pizza will make you feel better about your own life choices.

Jason Barty: He produces amazing electronica reminiscent of early Warp releases (which anyone will tell you is my jam). Also his surname rhymes with party.

Kumodi: His sophisticated sound brings this album together. Seriously, check out the unique drum programming of his song on the album. Very cool.

FRNGE: His fine use of arpeggios will make you feel like Drive and Stranger Things had a love child.

The plan's to release one of these compilations a year. Why is this important for the local music scene?

I see it as documenting history on a format that will last.

You've been releasing on vinyl since Sweat. X days, why do you have such an affinity for wax?

Cause its wax. High Fidelity. Analogue. You can touch it, feel it, hang it on wall or use it as a frisbee. People will be dealing in these babies after the impending nuclear holocaust.

Where can we get hold of the FWB compilation?

Best place is Roasting Records. You can buy it through their site.

What's on the mix you've made us and where and when should we play it?

It was recorded live at Kleinsky's First Thursdays party. It starts down tempo so you can drive slow and sit low. Then I drag you into deep water. Spot the Blade Runner samples. Also the Miss Kitten sample that I love to use in my mixes.

What's your summer party tip?

Oi, I don't know? Stay hydrated.

Where will you be playing this festive season and how can we keep up with everything you're doing?

I'm going to be playing more shows. I’ve been trying to keep my social media updated.

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