The Mixtape Vol. 120

Buli’s exclusive mix of ambient sounds and super chilled beats is the perfect foil for the moodiest of Mondays

Photograph: FRNGE

Pretoria-based producer Buli has been making beats for a while now, despite being relatively unknown. His four projects, The Inner Space, Delusions, Feels and Wish I Slept More, as well as a host of remixes and singles featuring local artists, and an upcoming EP, means that the man puts in the work. Besides making music, the incredibly shy and awkward 21-year-old is passionate about anime and his hatred for avocado and pineapple on pizza. Buli made The Way of Us an exclusive mix of ambient sounds and super chilled beats, that's perfect for the moodiest of Mondays. Give it a listen and find out more about the artist, here: https://superbalist.com/thewayofus/categories/sound

By Afrika Lethabo Bogatsu

How would you describe your sound?

I honestly really don't know?  It's just laid back stuff, I guess. The stuff I make is laced with ambient and electronic elements and gives off a different feel. I always visualise a scene in my mind when I'm making my music, so sometimes it sounds like, or gives off, a feel of staring at a wide landscape as the sun sets, floating in the ocean, or being submerged.

What music did you grow up listening to?

I listened to quite a lot of stuff (S/O to my parents). Different genres and stuff from artists like Pink Floyd to Diana Ross. I wouldn't say any of the artists I grew up listening to inspired me or the type of music I make now, though.

Then who inspires you and what are you currently listening to?

Tycho, Nosaj Thing, Lapalux , Flying Lotus , Shlohmo... There are too many artists that inspire me musically. Everything I listen to inspires me in some way. Lately I've been listening to Lapalux's new album, Thundercat's Drunk, Alfa Mist and Yellow Days.

Tell us about this mix you made for us.

Well this mix is just a collection of tracks I've released over the years. Some new, some old and some unreleased stuff. It's all my own music and showcases more or less what I'm about.

You recently co-produced a song with Kay Faith. Can you tell us a bit more about that?

Well, Kay Faith hit me up a while ago about working on a track for her upcoming EP. I said I was keen, she sent me stuff, I worked on it and, yeah, that's pretty much it.

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