The Mixtape Vol. 132

A teaser of what to expect at the upcoming Endless Daze Festival

The Way of Us was fortunate enough to attend the first Endless Daze Festival, which we wrote about in our feature Dazed and Confused

We’re happy to report that the collaboration between Psych Night and Vans continues, with a lineup of more than 30 acts that fall under the Neo-Psych Rock umbrella which will be performing at the magical beachside resort of Silwerstroom.

The weekend of the 3-5 November will see international acts Oh Sees, Moon Duo and The Sunflowers play alongside the likes of the legendary BLK JKS, Medicine Boy and other carefully curated top acts all of which you can hear in the teaser mix below. 

Who is the core team behind the festival and why are they so committed to pushing psych-rock as a genre?

The core is five music lovers from Cape Town, all involved in the arts. We feel Psych music has such a vibe reach, genre wise. It’s not just ‘rock’ music (if anything it’s rock 'n' roll, with focus on the ‘roll’). There’s some electronic music, some acoustic-driven folk stuff. It’s not all just fuzz and reverb – although those are key players. I think that’s what exciting for us – that a wide range of great alternative artists would feel at home on our stage.

Fashion is playing a bigger and bigger role at events like this. How should we dress to this festival?

Whatever you feel most comfortable in.

This is the second Endless Daze Festival, what can those who haven't been expect, and for those who have attended, how will this year's event be different from last years?

We are keeping the same intimate vibe as last year and the layout will be more or less the same. Some improvements and adjustments have been made but generally we want to create the same safe, friendly environment where a bunch of good people can get lost in good music. There will be the same two stages – the Vans main stage and the Velvet Morning stage – with some upgrades on both sides. There are some other surprises that we’d rather not give away yet…

Tell us about the venue that hosts the festival.

Silwerstroom Resort on the West Coast - loads of campsites, green grass and clean toilets. It’s right by the ocean and 40 minutes from Cape Town CBD.

What should we make sure that we pack with us for the weekend?

Cape Town folk know how full of things the weather can be. Pack suncreen, shades and hats but also something for the icy full moon winds.

What's on the mixtape you've made for us and where and when should we listen to it?

The mix features one track from each band performing. The best time would be listened to in the car on the way to the festival. But I’ve test driven it cleaning the house and it was pretty fantastic in that situation too. Whatever – just listen loud!


Hezron Chetty & the Zugzwang - Nancy

Twin Weaver - Stranger Things

The Valley - Venom City

Moon Duo - Sevens

Hello Beautiful - Leftover Dreams

The Hollow Body - Catching On

Medicine Boy - Small Salvation

The Deadly Bites - Black Void

Mouse - Chiaroscuro

The Thirty Eights - Metamorphosis

Amy Ayanda - Ab Ovo

Fever Trails - Plus Plus

Dangerfields - Aquarius (Grey Areas)

Oh Sees - Toe Cutter - Thumb Buster

Hyroine - Kind Of Woman

Mr Cat & The Jackal - Bad Man, He Comin’

BLK JKS - Nare

The Tazers - A Bomb & A Bill

Runaway Nuns - Resistor

Two Stroke - Paradise

Van T - We’re Still Running

LUMA - See You Again

The Sunflowers - The Intergalactic Guide To Find The Red Cowboy

Skeleton Coast - If I Stay

The Deathrettes - Neptune

Retro Dizzy - Scarborough Sunshine

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